Rann Utsav – White Desert Festival – Kutchh Gujarat – White Rann

Rann Utsav -White Desert Festival – Kutchh Gujarat – White Rann: Currently, the craze of people to go to White Rann in Kutch has increased a lot. Also, after two years of Corona, when the number of tourists going on the desert festival tour will increase, people have already booked for the state city and almost the booking of the tent city for the full moon night has become mostly full.

Kutch’s biggest tourism festival has started with the start of Ranotsav. The organizer hopes that a large number of tourists will come this year in the tent city set up for this annual event. Meanwhile, bookings are already almost full for the festivals that fall within the four-month period of Ranotsav, as well as Phool Moon Night. So, along with tent upgrades this year in Tent City, Tambunagari will welcome many new tourists.

Thus, even during the summer vacations, Kutch has a good amount of tourists but due to the unbearable heat, most of the tourists prefer to come between November and February, which is also the time of Ranutsav, the main tourist festival of Kutch. For the last two years, due to Corona, the number of tourists in Ranotsav was very low, the tent city, which started early this year, has already begun to bustle with tourists.