26th January Celcbration guideline Declared

26th January Celcbration guideline Declared

After a brief discussion in the subgroup, the group representative introduces it to the group.  The group representative has to present the main thing learned based on the aspect of the school, the head teacher.  It aims to present how school processes as a leader will lead to educational reform, pre-school affiliation with primary school, scope of pre-vocational opportunities for children, racial sensitivity and implementation of various initiatives of school education.  

Representatives of supportive level workers will be asked to share what has been taught in the group with the school headmasters and teachers on how to contribute to school quality improvement.  There will be a separate group of assistant head teachers and system level workers.  Depending on their area of ​​work, there will be four to five groups of head teachers and system level workers.  (Cluster level, block level and different groups of district level workers).  

Integrated intervention in school evaluation by various groups and various components of quality improvement will be discussed and an acre plan for school development will be prepared.  A group of system level workers will do cluster development planning, block development planning and district development planning.  Finally, the assistant head teachers and system level workers will be able to take a copy of the Exxon plan prepared for the record and contribution to the ‘loyalty’.  Suggestions for School Plan Ka Rek Assistants: A brief note on school development planning is given in Module-1.  


 The assistant must read this section before taking this session.  Closing section of the workshop for – 5 Activities Knit) Time (Minutes) Closing 30 Activities – 1 Workshop Closing Method: Individual Feedback and Closing Suggested Steps: Arrange the supporting participants in a circle or semicircle.  It will ask participants to sit comfortably for a few moments.  The supportive participant will be asked to give their feedback on the workshop and make suggestions for improvement.  Managers will proceed with the closing ceremony. 

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