50 % STAFF BABAT NO LETEST GR 24-11-2020

50 % STAFF BABAT NO LETEST GR 24-11-2020

The teacher should be aware of his role and responsibilities. The role of the teacher is changing in the present times. The teacher is not only to provide information in the form of speeches, but also to provide students with rich and extraordinary educational experiences. Education is challenging in today’s times, as the teacher should play the role of the student’s guide, friend and philosopher when the responsibility for the social, cultural and economic health of the nation lies with the teacher. Education is an educational profession.

Students are not just passive listeners today when education has come out of the four walls of the classroom and expanded into the home, society and the world. Today the student does not come to school with ‘empty mind’, as various mediums like TV, radio, news paper and movie are imparting various knowledge. Students then come to school with a variety of questions, confusion and enthusiasm for learning. In such circumstances the teacher not only has to increase the mental load of the students with the machine gun of information, but also to create an environment in the classroom in which the student learns on his own i.e. the teacher has to act as a facilitator here. For this, the teacher should accept project, discussion, group work, field visit, travel method instead of the usual lecture method. E.g. Instead of giving information about ‘Potter’ with the help of Picture in the lesson ‘Our Professionals’, taking students to the potter’s house and by observation and personal experience, the students become aware of the potter’s work, the tools used and make that knowledge lasting. If the teacher acts as a facilitator, the enthusiasm for learning can be seen in the students.


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School memories remain memorable in everyone’s life. If we remember that some teachers in our life become role models for us, the teachers impress the students because of the qualities they possess. As a teacher counselor, to know the questions related to students’ education, school environment, friends and family, to counsel the students to overcome them. As a mentor, the teacher has to be emotional, loving and intimate with the students to be their friend.

The expected change in the behavior of any student can be brought about if the teacher becomes aware of the individual qualities and temperament of the students. Naughty children, for example, are known in school for their mischief. Once a naughty student ran away from school with other students and went to see a movie. The next day during school prayer time the student was asked the reason for running away from school. That student gave the correct reason. In such circumstances, the teacher usually punishes the student, but here the teacher publicly applauds the student for speaking the truth without any punishment and then lovingly persuaded the student not to run away from the school by calling him personally. As a result the student took the path of lifelong truth. The teacher should not always punish the students for their mistake but give them a chance to correct it once and for all.

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