A panacea for 8 diseases

 Ardusi leaf juice should be consumed regularly to eradicate and permanently eradicate TB. A decoction of 20 to 30 ml of Ardusi leaves mixed with crushed pepper powder cures TB.

Fever: An unbalanced diet leads to many ailments, including problems like acidity and indigestion. If you want to get rid of it, it is necessary to consume Ardusi. 1-1 gram of powdered sardine bark, 1/4 of Ajma powder, and 1/8 of Sindhav salt mixed in lemon juice and taken in 1-1 gram tablets in the morning and evening, 1 to 3 tablets in the morning and evening cures fever.

Diarrhea: Consuming spicy food and eating fried food causes diarrhea problem in the body. If the problem of diarrhea is relieved, taking 10 to 20 ml of Ardusi leaves and drinking it gets rid of the problem of diarrhea. The problem of old diarrhea remains permanent. Consuming powdered leaves of Ardusi cures diarrhea.

Dhadhar: A disease similar to Dhadhar can be caused by eating toxic substances that irritate the skin and blood and using other people’s clothing, frequent body contact or bedding. Dhadhar is a fungal disease. This disease can be eradicated by Ardusi. 10 to 13 tender fresh leaves of ardusi and 2 to 5 grams of turmeric mixed with cow urine and vaati and applied on the sores cures sores.

Body Odor: Many people suffer from unbearable body odor, the person does not smell bad but someone who comes close to him smells bad so they stay away, when frequent bathing does not remove the problem and the bad smell or smell is natural. Applying a little conch powder in the juice of Ardusi leaves and applying it on the body removes this bad smell.

Typhoid: Ardusi also has the property of curing typhoid. Due to which, to get relief from typhoid, consuming 3 to 6 grams of powder of Ardusi root gives relief from typhoid. Slate leaf juice taken with honey also provides relief in typhoid.

Measles: If there is a problem of measles, taking 1 leaf of Ardusi and making a decoction of 3 grams of Mulethi in it cures Measles and Measles. If it has started, it dries up immediately and does not cause pain.

Thus, for fever, vomiting, diabetes, leprosy, jaundice, hives, apathy, thirst, labor pains, urinary and kidney diseases, etc., the use of sardine leaf juice and its flower juice also gets rid of these diseases. Thus this medicine is useful in many ways. We hope that this information about all the important properties and benefits of Ardusi will be very useful for you and that you can get rid of any problem due to which you are facing..

Bloating Disease Ascites: Bloating occurs due to excess protein in the stomach. Consuming 10 to 20 ml of Ardusi leaf juice 2 to 3 times a day during this pain and flatulence relieves the problem of flatulence. Ardusi has the property of eliminating gas or flatulence in the stomach. This problem is solved by eliminating the gas and expelling it from the body

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