Air pollution can cause lung cancer, if such symptoms appear, do not ignore them

 Air pollution can cause lung cancer, if such symptoms appear, do not ignore them

Many diseases are also caused due to increasing self-pollution. One of them is air pollution, which can increase your risk of lung cancer. This cancer can happen to any person at any age. According to a research, air pollution can cause lung cancer.

Studies conducted by scientists have shown that air pollution can increase the death rate due to lung cancer as well as several types of cancer, so let us tell you about the early symptoms of lung cancer.

Increases risk of lung cancer : According to research, scientists have discovered a new mechanism for airborne pollutants that can cause lung cancer even in non-smokers. Research has found that particulate matter linked to climate change can also induce malignant changes in airway cells.

Scientists believe that particulate matter in car exhaust and fossil fuel fumes may increase the risk of small cell lung cancer. In which the possibility of lung cancer increases due to air pollution from smoking. So humans have to pay more attention to climate to improve their health.

Cancer Symptoms: Lung cancer deaths have been reported in many countries. This type of cancer starts in the lungs and slowly spreads to the rest of the body. People often ignore the symptoms of this cancer, but the earlier it is identified, the better it can be treated.

When you have lung cancer, you may experience some symptoms at first. Such as increased cough, sputum while coughing, nervousness, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, respiratory tract infection and increased chest pain while breathing etc.

In the last stage, such symptoms appear: pain in the bones, headache, . Dizziness, loss of balance, tingling in hands and feet, jaundice and shoulder pain etc.

How to defend? You can change some of your habits to prevent lung cancer. Avoid smoking. If someone smokes near you, stay away from them. Stay away from toxic chemicals.

Include foods rich in vitamins and nutrients in your diet and keep your body fit by exercising and exercising regularly. Do not take vitamins in supplement form. This can be harmful to health.

Include this food in your diet: You can also include green tea in your diet. It contains anti-cancer properties called polyphenols. You can consume it regularly once or twice a day.

Include colorful vegetables in your diet regularly. Green and orange colored vegetables can be made a part of your diet. It is rich in carotenoids. Apart from this you can include tofu, tempu and soy milk.

Foods rich in Vitamin C: Along with this you can include foods rich in Vitamin-C in your diet. Like oranges, lemons, papayas, guavas, amla etc. can be a part of your diet.

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