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Activity Discuss the developmental journey of any two women in your field or state with children in science and technology.  To discuss any such successful saga that they have come in contact with and what kind of discrimination women have experienced in the field of science and technology.  

NCERT’s standard 8 textbook ‘Looking Around’ which is based on environmental studies.  They cite the example of Darki Mai from Alwar. They built a lake with the help of an organization like Tarun Bharat Sangh to solve the water problem in the village. Suryamani is a tribal woman from Jharkhand who is involved in maintaining the forests of Jharkhand.  

 Conclusion: Thus, this module will be helpful in understanding the issues related to gender through textbooks and pedagogy.  It will help the teacher to identify the gender bias factors of the text material and the study practice.  The bias of languages ​​in terms of male and female roles will be able to distinguish their role in the political, social and economic process. 

 Through it the participation of women in the portrayal of women can be known through literal, non-verbal content.  Thus, sexuality is a sensitive issue.  Which can be studied with subject education.  In the same way we can focus on the teaching of gender sensitivity through this module.  Gender sensitive education should be promoted to respect the role of women in the home, society, community or country. 

 Evaluation: 1. What are the norms related to ‘caste’?  2. Now that you know about gender issues, why take action for gender issues in the classroom?  3. What kind of teaching practices would you use in classroom learning to promote co-participation of boys and girls?

 4. How do the textbooks you use address gender issues?  5. Can you discern the use of systemic gender differences in language?  6. What activities can be done to accelerate science education in boys and girls alike?  7. Demonstrate the mathematical problems that reflect the experiences and realities of women’s lives and show their contribution.

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