ATDO Question Paper solution

it is fr that 1 first 12, pal palm mensh in, beej majian uni and cream, |  It was mixed like K Ray Maa. Today, Mapo Mukarran Sharar’s Mulathi V-2 – Kari K / I have become another big thing to eat, and it has been seen that the people in the classroom are a mamzanki forest barber, what!  K1 IIT, Ramapan com 12 Dhola bani naam mam mathki hai mam karthi ni nak, main lakh tukhayyan mitra upasat nipper na kaam par naksha pan hai  doing .

Thanya with communication and speaking and listening in Navayar Shikshastra.  Provides adequate study in thinking and develops confidence and fluency in the use of language.  It gives children the opportunity to learn through experience and learning without stress – the child gets exposure to various project work and field work.  

Kids have ample opportunities to create something and display it.  The program was launched in 2010 in 256 schools.  Gradually the program was implemented in about 22000 schools till the year 2017-18.  

Pragya was then implemented in all the schools of the state in the year 2019 with shaida changes.  Lunch: Centrally Sponsored Scheme Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NPNSPE) was launched on 15th August 1995 with a view to increase the enrollment, attendance and maintenance of new approaches and simultaneously improve the nutritional status of children.  Was. 

 The scheme was expanded in 2008-09 to cover upper primary school children and was renamed the National Program of ‘May Dhya Han Bhojan’ in schools.  Which is known as Mid Day Mill Scheme (MDM).  like this .  D.  L .  Standard in Government and Government Supporting Blacks |  Supports all school children studying in classes 8 to 8, Special Training Centers (STCs) and madrassas and maktams under the whole education. 

 One of the objectives of the mid-day meal scheme is to improve the nutritional status of children and fulfill the objective and solve the problem of most of the children in India such as hunger.  D.  L .  According to the guidelines children should receive 450 and 79 calories in the primary and upper primary stages respectively.  During the year 2018-19 11. 3 lakh students studying in Std. 1 to 8 in eligible schools.  17 crore children were covered under this scheme.  

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