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In Gujarat government, teachers have to work in far-flung districts. Often they have to move away from their hometown to another district. When he is away from homeland, he does not preserve family relationships. Hence, teachers are being replaced by the government of Gujarat. Transfers are made to move to their own district. Its rules have been made. Whenever the teacher completes five years of his / her job, he / she has to fill out the form for the district. And they are replaced on the basis of seniority. So that he can go to his hometown

Elementary school teachers often do not know the rules of change. Or if there is less. This is why elementary school teachers know about the rules of transfer and understand about the rules of transfer, so they are given a PDF in this article. This PDF contains all the circulars to be replaced. This PDF is very important for anyone who knows of any replacement rules. This post is very important so that every teacher can easily understand the rules of change. So this PDF is just as important for every school principal.

Friends, in my blog named rajeshgprajapati, the following circulars are given to you, download and share today.

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        (2) The transfer of the teacher of the primary section to the primary section and the transfer of the teacher of the upper primary section to the upper primary section can be done only if the place of their subject (Mathematics – Science, Language and Social Science) is vacant. 

            (3) At the time of public transfer camp, the list of primary schools / vacancies as per the above mentioned department and subject wise schools / vacancies for upper primary department should be displayed on the board.  Any primary teacher who has the required qualification of upper primary teacher but has not been appointed in the upper primary section or has not been included in the upper primary section cannot be transferred to the upper primary section.

           The transfer camps of the four sections mentioned in Rule- (3) should not be held on the same date, at the same time and at the same place.  If the transfer camp is to be held on the same date and at the same place, the transfer camp will have to be held at different times or at different places in the same campus.  

          (10) Priority order: – i) Widow, disabled, teacher couple and member of Valmiki community should be given priority in case of all kinds of transfers.  The order of this priority will be according to (1) widow (2) disabled (3) teacher couple and (3) member of Valmiki society and priority will have to be given according to that order.  Even if he has taken advantage in the internal transfer of the district, he can take advantage of the priority in the district transfer and even if he has taken advantage in the district transfer, he can take advantage of the priority in the internal transfer of the district.  Who will be able to take advantage of the priority only once throughout the job. 

                This should be noted in the service book of the concerned teacher and in the service book of both husband and wife in case of taking advantage of the priority of the teacher couple.  (ii) In case of spouses, the demand of the non-beneficiary can be exchanged as per the general rule of transfer. 

            (iii) In the recruitment of education assistant, the teacher / education assistant who has taken advantage of the priority in place selection will not be able to get the benefit of priority.  The teacher who has taken advantage of the educational priority should be noted in their service book.  And they won’t be able to demand a replacement for at least three years.


15/7/2018 NI PDF

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