Benefits of Yogasana : Best 5 Yogasana Good For Health.||

Benefits of Yogasana : Best 5 Yogasana Good For Health.||

 Our eating habits have come so casual that we can not control them. We’ve also forgotten about the healthy food habit. Whatever the reason, everyone is upset about their growing weight. 

 Yoga coach Akshay Ahir talks about Five (5) similar yogasana, which if done for 20 twinkles every day, will reduce the accumulated fat & good for health 

1. Dhwajasana ( Flag Pose) :

 Dhwajasana ( Flag Pose) by Akshay Ahir with holitribute.Learn advanced Yoga-asana in an easy and safe way with our educated Yoga preceptors who are keen to spread their knowledge. 

2. Bhekasan Effective in reducing belly :

 Still, Bhekasana is the most salutary asana, If you want to reduce breadbasket tuck snappily. To do this, lie down on a mat with stomach becks. Now sluggishly lift the head using the wrist of the hand. Now bend the right knee sluggishly and hold the left leg with both hands and bring it to the bottom. Now sluggishly lift the casket up and take a deep breath and stay in this disguise for 45 to 60 seconds. Repeat this asana twice in day.

NOTE : Please don’t practice this asana if you have injury in knee or any problem related to it.

3. Bhajungasana: Abdominal fat will be reduced well Rehearsing this asana strengthens the abdominal your stomachs muscles so it reduce the fat accumulated around the belly is easily reduced. For this asana, lie down on your yoga mat And put your stomach and keep your triumphs down. Take a deep breath and lift the front of the body up and stay during this position for about 10 to twenty seconds. Repeat this 6 to 7 times in single day. 
Still, your shoulders and arms will come stronger, If you exercise this asana daily. 

4. Rajakapotasana :

Rajakapotasana stretches your entire lower body. It massages your abdominal organs, thereby perfecting digestion. Strengthens your reverse and it relieves in reverse problems like sciatica. King Chump pose opens up your hips and makes your hips more flexible. The profound stretch calms the body of anxiety and tension. It opens up the mid-section ( casket) and reinforces the crotch. 

 king chump pose likewise enhances the working of the urinary and regenerative fabrics (reproductive systems). 

 NOTE  :Practice this disguise under the supervision of an expert yoga coach because it’s an advance disguise. One false stretch could harm you. However, do this disguise after one or two months regular practice of yoga, If you’re a freshman also do n’t essay this Disguise. 

5. Malasan Get obviate gas and constipation :

 Constant practice of this asana causes pain within the abdominal and lumbar muscles. It relieves gas and constipation. to try to to this, bend your knees and sit down. Now give rest to elbows of both hands and knees. Also sluggishly gobble and exhale. do that asana three to fourfold for a minimum of 10 twinkles. 
 Doing malasana diurnal increases the capacity of your body 

Diet needs to be bettered 
If you want to reduce your growing belly presto also you need to ameliorate your diet. 
 You should consume green vegetables every day. You can consume vegetables like milk, broccoli, sap, peas without adulation and cream by boiling or mixing them in haze. If you’re doing this asana every day also you should consume salad. You can mix rubbish in salads if you want, as rubbish has a high protein content. Have regale between 8 and 9 pm and try to have a low calorie mess at regale. 

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