Big decision of SBI, from now on even common man can easily get ‘home of home’

 Big decision of SBI, from now on even common man can easily get ‘home of home’
On the day of and six%.  Take the Nagis to school on the day to think and reflect on changing all beliefs and behaviors toward gender equality.  Is required.  In addition, the role of the head of education and the cadre of the system becomes even more important when it comes to reducing the inequality of caste, gender and creating equal educational opportunities for all.  This module discusses these and other issues. .

 Module-5 Initiatives in School Education: Developed by NCERT, this module discusses the initiatives / schemes of the Department of SchoolDepartment of School Education & Literacy Lite (SEL) like Performance Grading Index (PSI), UDISE plus, Total Teachers.  This module is an important document for head teachers and system level workers to learn about other aspects, objectives and provisions of ‘holistic education’ for quality improvement in education.  In this module, head teachers and system workers talk about initiatives like kitchen garden in school, development of reading habits through library books, vote to provide experience of learning opportunities to children, school safety, youth-club, eco-lab. 

 Knowledge of every issue covered in this module is essential for head teachers and system level workers to bring overall improvement in the education system.  It is for the purpose of pre-school, for the purpose of studying these subjects.  Roksh Ko and not related to the development in the early.  .  Integrated package with modules on teacher capacity building: This package also includes references to modules developed under NISHTHA for teacher capacity building.  The relevance of these modules is integrated into the concept of educational supervision for school heads and system level workers in the module on school leadership.  

These modules will be placed on the NISHTHA website.  Curriculum, Fellowship Central Methodology, Study Production and Inclusive Education Development of Individual-Social Qualities and Creating a Safe and Healthy School Environment Art Integrated Education Study.  School-centered evaluation.  Information and communication technology.  School Safety / Safety Guidance and Advice Methodology of Environmental Education.  પદ્ધતિ Methodology of language Methodology of mathematics Methodology of science Methodology of social sciences.  .  From 8 to 8 of that government of education, f secondary who gets their – in that direction – gar opportunities so that 1 can be in the Czech world. 


ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Ta fana trends of education on the scale of construction by. Use of the package: This package provides information on general learning objectives and learning parameters for head teachers and system level workers, which are contained in five modules. However, each module has its own specific objectives related to the topic. The package includes teachers, head teachers and system level workers

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