Clean air can increase global warming, claims new research

 Clean air can increase global warming, claims new research

Understanding climate change is no rocket science. The emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases due to fossil fuels and human activities is the main cause of climate change. Many other works like deforestation are also making the problem serious. The amount of greenhouse gases is increasing the temperature of the atmosphere and land and oceans, which we call global warming. But the new study has underlined that greenhouse gases are helpful in keeping our planet cool and if we clean our air, then it will only increase global warming.

The earth is getting warmer

Greenhouse gases work by raising the polluted particles like aerosols which reflect the light coming from the sun and send them back and reduce the heat, which does not increase the temperature of the earth. But due to the awareness of climate change, air pollution is decreasing and the result is that the earth is getting warmer.

Air clean effect

A new study has shed light on how this is happening. During the study, researchers have found that the impact of global air pollution on the climate has reduced by 30 percent from 2000 levels, according to a report by This result has been taken on the basis of many satellite studies.

Global warming has increased

The original author of the study and climate scientist at Leipzig University, Johannes Kwas, says that clean air has actually increased the warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions by 15 to 50 percent over the same period. Kvass says that as air pollution will decrease and it will increase more, that is, warming will increase.

Increasing pollution is also not the solution

Jan Cermack, a remote sensing specialist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, said that even increasing pollution is not the solution. There is no doubt that air pollution is killing people and we need clean air. Rather, they believe that it is very important to accelerate efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

It is difficult to reduce emissions

But the researchers believe that there is little chance that emissions will be reduced fast enough to meet the 1.5 degree Celsius limit set by scientists. At the same time, the earth has already touched the figure of 1.2 degree Celsius so far. The answer to this question is that we should go back to aerosols.

Solar Geoengineering Solutions

Researchers say that solar geoengineering can be a solution for this. To prevent the disastrous effects, it is imperative that we adopt some interim corrective measures, which include the temporary use of aerosols in a planned manner. Geoengineering is a controversial method by which sulfate particles are injected into the stratosphere of the atmosphere, which will spread a reflected haze on a global scale.

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