Do Trikonasana daily to make body flexible, know other benefits and correct way to do it

 Do Trikonasana daily to make body flexible, know other benefits and correct way to do it

Benefits and Correct Way of Practicing Trikosana: Trikosana is a very simple yoga pose, as the name suggests, it can be practiced in Trikona mudra. According to Yoga Shastra, anyone can practice Trikonasana. While practicing Trikonasana, all the muscles of the body are stretched in three different angles, hence the name Trikonasana. Trikonasana stretches the muscles of the body, due to which the knees are strengthened and the leg muscles are also strengthened.

According to yoga experts, regular practice of Trikonasana increases the flexibility of the body and strengthens the digestive system. Trikonasana also reduces anxiety and stress. Let’s find out, the correct way to do Trikonasana and its health benefits.

The correct way to do a triangle

1. According to, to practice Trikonasana, first place a yoga mat on the floor and stand straight on it.

2. Extend both your arms upwards while standing straight on the mat.

3. Inhale while extending both your arms upwards and bend your body towards the left arm while exhaling.

4. While stretching the body try to touch the left toe with the left hand and extend the right hand upwards.

5. While stretching the arms upwards, keep your head and face also upwards.

You have to practice holding this posture for 5 to 6 seconds at a time.

Regular Trikonasana is beneficial

Trikonasana makes the body flexible and increases muscle strength.

Along with activating the core muscles of the body, Trikonasana also improves the balance and stability of the body.

Trikonasana activates the body’s pores and improves digestion and boosts the body’s metabolism.

Yoga is helpful in reducing and eliminating all types of stress and anxiety. Practicing Trikonasana regularly helps with problems like stress or anxiety, anxiety, back pain and sciatica.

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