Downaload 7th Pay Commission: Earlier than expected, Central Government employees were given D.A.

 Q for assessment: ric leave jar habits weave, unified for sa ra sava |  Why is the back important?  What are the principles of personal hygiene?   Dafoj at least once Ana 17 Va Emotional well-being and mental health with the participants brainstorming chows about different emotions. 

 Encourage them to brainstorm as many emotions as possible.  Write the feelings on the board and list them on behalf of Lagal.  Feelings of Happiness Happiness Surprise Fear / Fear Anger Joyful Sadness / Sad Surprise  , 

When. “Are we angry?  Should we be happy  Are we sad?  Are we excited?  Are We Afraid?  Add the following information to learner feedback, િત Angry: We feel hot, sweaty, have headaches. 

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Happiness is experienced as energy and the body feels relaxed.  Sadness: Feeling lethargic.  

Excited can make our heart beat faster.  • Fear of sweating or skin rashes.  Getting to know and recognizing emotions is the first step to helping you make the right decisions.  Emotions are a part of each of our lives that is neither good nor bad

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