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 Google Lens Mobile Android Apps for Best Knowledge Apps: See Google Lens Mobile Android Apps for Best Knowledge Apps in detail in this post here. Google Lens was launched in 2014, but people still don’t know about it. This is a very useful thing for everyone because with the help of this you can get many kinds of information that you want to know but do not know.

Just keep thinking. In this, you can not only remove its information from the picture, but also scan any code.What is Google Lens?Google Lens is an app. Which you can find on the Play Store. Although this app is not available for many phones, there is nothing to worry about as everyone who has Google Photo can use it.

Google Lens is a type of lens that provides information about a photo. Suppose your phone has a photo of a castle and you do not understand where this photo is, then you just use Google Lens, you will know where the photo is.


How does Google Lens work?

As you all know Google has all the information on the internet. So when you want to know information about a photo and use Google Lens, then Google Lens scans it and then looks at your Google server to see which photo is like it. Then Google Lens tells you the result. It gives information about the thing. It can tell you about a famous building. One can tell about a tree, one can tell about the species of an animal. There are many other benefits to this, which you can learn only by using it. The more you use it, the more you will understand it.

How to use Google Lens?

First, you need to download and install Google Lens from the Play Store. If it’s not available for your phone, see if your phone has a Google photo. If it is, then you can use Google Lens via Google Photos.

Download Application

To use it, you first need to take a photo of what you need to know. After that, open that photo in Google Photos. After this, you will see some options at the bottom. One of these options would be Google Lens which will look closer to the Delete option. All you have to do is click on it. He will do the rest himself. After this it will give you all the information related to this photo.

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