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Flat surfaces like paper, black board etc. are introduced in these three dimensional cars using Bhadar (pattern).   Constructs various quadrilaterals using diagrams and scales. Finds the vertex and other axes, tables and verifies with the help of formulas using graphs and commas.  The area of ​​the polygon is planted.

  Pana finds the surface and volume of cars and cylindrical objects.  Predicting the probability of a previous event or a future event, Roarks such as Pvt.  Draw column graphs and circle graphs and interpret them.  And unwrap the coins frequently.  .  Evaluation in Mathematics at Primary Level: Evaluation of Potharmic Tab or Mathematics Learning should be based on how Baval Ko learns. These issues should be taken into consideration for evaluation. 

 Understand how a child learns math. The development of mathematical concepts and their application in everyday life, the development of social inner qualities in children, let us now discuss how mathematics can be widely evaluated.  Which are presented in this work below.  Should the phone be evaluated? 

શાળા ખોલવાના ગુજરાતી મા સમાચાર વાંચો.

 Mathematical Communication Principles and Methods Problem Solving Using Mathematical Knowledge Mathematical Reasoning Power Social Personal Mathematics Dealing / Attitude Towards Mathematics The question that arises when teaching mathematics at the primary level is “What should be evaluated in terms of teaching mathematics?  “G216

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