Download std 6 to 8 English grammar in Guajarati in handwriting notes

 An English grammar book created by is now available for free in this app. This English grammar app covers 138 popular grammar points using simple explanations, many examples, and fun quizzes.

Whether you are an English language learner, or a native English speaker, this English grammar app will help you with the structure of English. By improving your English grammar, your writing and speaking will both improve.

There are two ways to study using this app:

1) You can study all the grammar lessons by level. We ordered them from easy to difficult so learning is step by step.
2) We also have all the lessons grouped together by types such as Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Adverbs, Verb Tenses, etc.

There are also great features that make studying grammar with this app fun:

– Points are awarded for each level
– Different color medals are given depending on your score
– You can bookmark any lesson
– In app purchase to remove ads available

The entire app is completely free and everything is unlocked. Go ahead and install this free app and start learning now!

Here we share one common goal: to learn and to teach perfect English grammar. This app is not your everyday grammar book. Here we write what we learned ourselves, during extensive studies of English Grammar. Each of the topics is covered with ample real-life examples and easy-to-understand definitions.

This app will not only help you with learning basic grammar but will also help you with confusing aspects of grammar, which is a pretty unique feature. Most grammar learning platforms share knowledge on the basics only; while our project includes solutions to everyday issues that we face in English grammar, and we enrich our app on a regular basis. If you still don’t see the exact information you need, you may send us a request via our contact section, or wait until we add what you need.

– Night mode reading.
– Control on font size.
– Easy to use the app.
– A great number of examples for each topic.
– Practice for every topic (Online)
– Study/Lessons Reminder

We divided all topics into three section such as beginner, intermediate and advanced so that one can easily follow step by step learning.

::: Beginner ::::::
– Word
– Sentence
– Parts of Speech
– Noun
– Pronoun
– Adjective
– Verb
– Adverb
– Preposition
– Conjunction
– Interjection
– Articles
– Tense
– Number

::: Intermediate ::::::
– Phrases
– Clauses
– Conditionals
– Article
– Modifiers
– Narration
– Prefixes
– Suffixes
– Modal Auxiliaries
– Subject-Verb Agreement
– Right Forms of Verbs
– Determiners &
– Quantifiers



::: Advanced ::::::
– Cases
– Moods
– Do-support
– Negation &
– Double Negative
– Inversion
– Use of Prepositions
– Pronouns before the Gerunds & Infinitives
– Antecedents of Pronoun
– Adjective followed by the Infinitives
– Causative Verbs
– Verbs followed by Gerunds
– Verbs followed by Infinitives
– Uses of Direct & Indirect Object
– Correct Use of “Sequence of Tense” in Writing
– Affirmative & Negative Agreement
– Comparatives
– Dangling Modifiers
– Embedded Questions
– Parallel Structure
– Perfectives
– Subjunctive
– One VS You

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