E-Sanjeevani OPDs in Gujarat Scheme for free online medical consultation inauguratedted in Gujarat & Full Details Open 2020

E-sanjeev’s OPD has existed submitted in the state to lessen the responsibility on victims OPD in hospitals and clinics and to assure that sufferers obtain treatment at residence. Ahead the circumstances of the statewide takeoff of this assistance, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced that this new technique of buying medicine and treatment is an immediate, straight employment at the right period in the impossible moment of Koro evolution. This E-Sanjeev’s OPD will exist an achievable normals of furnishing free home-prescription treatment for common illnesses as well as available therapy at government clinic health centers.

Mr. Rupani characterized this expansion of free drug and medicines, existing stocked to Covid-19 victims at their residences as well as at government sanitariums and fitness headquarters, as the right employment at the right time. It vindicates our undertakings to private problem into relief. He told that mobiles readied with two-way video calls App building for direct information between the doctor and patients with ill substantiate a godsend. He established the E-Sanjeev’s OPD by video conference from Gandhinagar in the existence of Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. This E-Sanjeev’s OPD has existed executed in the states by the Government of India. The Chief Minister told that the characteristic of two-way video phoning in these mobile apps will result in more interaction between the sufferer and the doctor.

He spotted on certificate his acclaim for the state’s health personnel and government for existing on their toes, helping relentlessly, to fight Covid-19 since the outset of 2020.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel told this App could deal with patients in remote towns, not just recouping them from getting on all the way to CHC/PHC but also get essential meeting from medical consultants and specialists

He told it is identical with additional online services accessible in metropolitan areas. It is one step forward of tele-medicine building for diagnosis on phone through deadest technology. Proposal is to broaden its breadth to medical universities and inexperienced doctors.

Those current during ng the e-launch encompassed Principal Secretary for Health at Gandhinagar and District Collectors, DDOs and additional officers at district places



Victim enrollment

Family member enrollment
Institutional registration (like correctional facilities, Sr. Citizen Homes, Orphanages etc.)
Queue Management
Video Consultation with a Doctor
Instant messaging (text-based)
SMS Notifications
Serviced by Doctors employed
Free Service (managed jointly by State Governments & MoHFW, Govt. of India)

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