Each data about Dairy Venture Development Plan

Each data about Dairy Venture Development Plan

Facilitating modern dairy farms to create clean milk.

Stimulating a decent quantity of calf or calf raising and preservation.

Incorporate early milk creation at village degree by sending structural modification in disorganized district.

The Dairy Enterprise Development Scheme is a Government of India funded technique that gives financial employment to a dairy or its similar merchant or a systematic or disorganized group. The strategy was enforced on 1st September 2010.

To haul maintenance of milk in a marketable way by enhancing integrity and conventional methods, to create assistance chances and to give infrastructural buildings in the disorganized district.

The training coated and the proposed expense of arranging the unit:

Small Dairy Farm: Hybrid Cows, Indigenous people and High Breeds (Up to 10 Animals) Rs. 5 Lakh

Snake feces (with milch animals) Rs

Calf calf rearing up to -20 calves – Rs. 4.80 lakhs

Milking Machine / Milk Testing / Quantity Closed Milk Cooler (capacity up to 2000 liters) Rs. 18 lakhs

For generation battalion of local milk commodities – up to Rs. 12 lakhs

Facilitation of carrier of milk commodities and building of refrigerating necklace – Rs. 24 lakhs

For frigid warehouse for milk / milk commodities – Rs. 30 lakhs

For personal veterinary dispensary – Rs 2.4 lakh – Rs 1.80 lakh for portable unit – remedied unit

Dairy Parlor-Rs 56000

Eligible  for loan::

Any farmer, personal entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, systematic or disorganized group

Plan allocation / enterprise method

Individual Entrepreneur Contribution: At small 10% of total enterprise

Apply online fron ikhedut official site.

Post-Repayment Subsidy: 25% for General Category Beneficiaries and 33.33% for SC / ST Beneficiaries in Total Capital Investment Maximum

For cold warehouse of milk / milk commodities – Rs. 30 lakhs

Bank’s stake: Balanced stake – at small 40%

significant link::

more information official site

read dairy venture plan info


Implementing Institutions: Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Industry and Fisheries, Government of India is at the center of this scheme. NABARD implements this scheme through commercial banks, co-operative banks, SLDBs and local village banks.

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