Educator Badli Related Latest News Report

 Educator Badli Related Latest News Report

Internal transfer and district relocation camp hostility among educators, pressure for sudden camping by altering the laws of transfer of educators Bhaskar News | 

Gandhinagar The pressure for 100 per cent educator transfers rather of 40 per cent is not getting on to plummet on the household of main teachers.  Again the neighborhood is changing positions to basic 6 to 8 and from standard 1.  Accordingly, there is a pressure that the habitation of the inner educators of the main educators who have ratified the choice of difference in the laws of inner transfer should also be altered.

  Satishbhai, the public secretary of the educators’ union of major students, has been stressing difference of the recent school for additional than a year and in the rule of remembering 1 neighborhood by abolishing the rule of Gujarat state primary school.  Patel has remembered the mentioned district transfer and mutual transfer.  Or anywhere in the taluka. At present, in the rules of hometown, it is worth remembering that the statute of home district has been amended to encompass several final. 

Extent Jenny’s camp has been halted for some me justification, the state primary teachers’ union has been fulfilling the primary teachers against the stalled variations.  Accordingly, for years, teachers have been profiting from the transfer of Digvijay Singh Jadeja’s pressure for primary transfers and the pressure for beginning a transfer fer camp by accepting a one-time transfer to the Director of Education for District and District Transfers.  Entity compelled of advantages.  Is.  Gujarat State Primary Teachers along with the State Education Department, therefore, in the income of the primary teachers, the transfer centers have been hampered.  The law strives to profit from it if it is eliminated in the recent altering times.  Several teachers in the state are confronting unreasonable economic responsibility on the administration for elevated researches or employment of unfair kids before the transfers this year.

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