English (Std-3 to 8) તમામ ઉપયોગી માહિતી

You must have seen your Hindi Medium
movie and if you haven’t seen it, please watch it once, then how do you
learn English Speaking while sitting at home? Will be taken more
seriously. There are 22 official languages ​​in the country and with it
countless languages ​​are spoken all over the country but still why
English is at the top of all these? And for us you will understand in
the movie how it became a status beyond language.

Today’s Tips is a bit Personal and is for all those who visit
TechYukti Blog. Those who have problems in English Writing &
Speaking and want to improve their English. So today is the perfect
place for you.

I am not doing this I will teach you
just I will show you the way from where you can learn English from basic
level to good pleasure sitting at home and absolutely free, but first
know the answer to a question

Is it hard to learn English?

Sandeep maheshwari

Founder of India’s Best Motivational Speaker & Imagebazaar Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari has said, of

“As long as you understand English as
part of your course and read it like all your other subjects, you cannot
learn it and nothing can be harder for you than learning English.

But if you consider English as a
language like all other languages, it will be the easiest for you to
learn it and after a few days you will say that there is no one easier
than English.

This is 100% correct, I tried it
practically. You also try, if you still do not understand. What is the
use of explaining English as a language instead of a course subject? So
you should learn something from this video.

How to learn to speak English?

1 How to learn to speak English?
1.1 Best way to learn English at home:
2 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English in India:
2.1 1. TsMadan:
2.2 2. Pebbles Live:
I did not know English Speaking before. I always wonder how to learn English Speaking?

I thought joining the English Speaking
Course might be the right thing to do. Then I joined American English,
British English Course and wasted a lot of time as well as money but no
one could teach me to speak English. It is not that English Course
Coaching was not right, everything was right Teacher was right, his way
of reading was right.

But I had this problem inside me whenever I was given a vocabulary,
speech. So instead of understanding it, I would memorize it like a
subject, never relate it to my real life thing by imagining those
speeches, vocabulary.

When I saw Sandeep Maheshwari’s video, I
understood. In order to learn English, I have to explain the language
instead of the subject and here I am telling you about the same tips
that I have used to learn English Speaking.

The best way to learn English at home:
First of all, you have to think in your mind that English, like all other languages ​​(Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil,) is a language.
Practice a little grammar, so that you know Will, Should, Would, is, are, am etc. Things like when and how to use.
Instead of translating Hindi to English about real world things, think of them in English.
Stand in front of the mirror and speak English, whatever you know and talk in English with your friends.
There are also many YouTube Channels that tell you how to Improve
English better. You can also learn a lot about English from there. I
have made a list of some of the Best YouTube Channels, which make
English Learning with Real World Example very easy.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn English in India:
English Kaise sikhe

1. TsMadan:
If you do not know English Basic things and you want to Learn English
Speaking or Improve your English Knowledge. So this channel is the best
for you, here you are told about every single word.

Such as when and how to use Should, when
to use Am etc. There are currently over 9 million subscribers on this
channel and here you will find detailed information about English spoken
from basic English to school, hotel, party or any other place and as I
told you if you speak English If you want to learn, it is very important
to know the words.

On TsMadan Channel you can learn about it in detail and yes if you are a teacher you can also start classes on online YouTube.

2. Pebbles Live:
If you have no knowledge of English Grammar & Conditions at all.
Which place, how to speak English. Like how to talk for school
admission, how to talk while flying boarding.

What to talk about to start a
conversation with a new person. So this channel will be the best for you
to learn English. Along with basic English, speaking, story telling and
interviewing skills are also taught here and children can also learn

3. English Lesson through Hindi:

If your English Basic is correct and you
want to learn Fluent English Speaking. Want to Learn Basic &
Professional English Speaking. So you have this peace


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