Five tips to increase the battery life of the phone

Five tips to increase the battery life of the phone

How many tasks have become easier with the help of smartphones and most of the time is spent just looking at their screens.  In this case, if the battery of the phone does not come with it, then you have to be very upset.  It is important to take care of the battery so that the phone does not have to be charged repeatedly.  Battery life can also be extended by changing some settings.  Only with the help of these five easy tips you can increase the battery life of the smartphone.


 Turn off GPS location

 Battery is consumed faster when location services are on because GPS uses a lot of processing power to provide better service.  Turn on GPS only when needed, otherwise turn it off.  The option to turn location services on or off is found in most smartphones’ quick settings toggles.



 Turn on Dark Mode

 Android devices and a lot of apps now also offer the option of dark mode, which applies a dark theme to the interface.  If the smartphone has AMOLED or OLED screen then the battery can be saved with the help of this mode.  Black color pixels are off on such displays and do not use batteries.  Also enable dark mode if necessary to save battery.



 Limit background apps

 If a lot of apps are active in the background in your smartphone at the same time, then more battery will be consumed.  If you go straight to home after opening an app, then the app keeps running in the background.  It is necessary to close applications from recent applications after the work is finished.  In addition, you can go to settings and select an app and then select ‘Don’t run in background’.

Some apps use more battery due to a bug or defect.  In such cases, it is important that you monitor the use of the battery.  To do this go to Settings and Battery and tap on Power Uses.  Here you will see a list of apps that use the most battery.  Remove any of these apps that you can uninstall from your device immediately.

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