Follow these tips to clean cooking oil, it will not spoil for many days

 Follow these tips to clean cooking oil, it will not spoil for many days

Oil is used in all kitchens. Without oil, the taste of every food becomes dull. From making puris to frying pakodas, it takes a lot of oil to make some tasty food. After which most people prefer to use the remaining oil again. In such a situation, before reusing the oil, you can also clean it with the help of some easy methods. In fact, once used, not only the pieces of food remain in the cooking oil, but due to burning, the oil also turns black. We are telling you some easy tips to clean the oil, by trying which you can clean the oil as well as save it from getting spoiled.

Take help of maize flour

You can use corn starch i.e. maize flour to clean the cooking oil. Mix corn flour in the oil and stir with a spatula while heating the oil lightly. Now after mixing the burnt part of oil in corn starch, filter the oil. This will clean your oil completely.

sieve oil

The easiest and most effective way is to use a mesh sieve to clean the oil. For this, let the remaining oil cool down after cooking. Now filter the oil in another vessel with the help of a sieve and separate the burnt part of it. This will clean the oil easily.

use lemon

You can also take the help of lemon to clean the oil. For this, heat the remaining oil and put some pieces of lemon in it. Due to this, the burnt particles present in the oil will stick in the lemon and then after filtering it, the oil will become clear.

prevent spoilage

Many people leave the oil outside to reuse it after using it. But this can quickly spoil the oil. Therefore, after using the oil once, try to keep it away from light and damp places.

keep away from heat

In the absence of information, people often leave the remaining oil near the gas after using cooking oil. Due to which there is a possibility of oil getting spoiled due to the heat emanating from the gas. In such a situation, to reuse the oil, it is better to keep it away from heat and hot places.

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