Frequent fever is a sign of some disease in the body, this may be the reason

Frequent fever is a sign of some disease in the body, this may be the reason

Frequent fever is a worrying topic. There can be many reasons for this, but along with it it can also be a sign of some disease. If seen, the body temperature in fever is more than 100.4 degrees, but if this fever is coming again and again, then this thing can be worrying. It can also be a sign of some disease. According to research, the average body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature above 100.4 degrees is considered as fever. Recurrent fever is called episodic fever, that is, a fever that keeps on coming and going. This problem of recurrent fever is mostly seen in children under the age of 5. There can be other reasons for frequent fever, which are as follows.

Body temperature may increase slightly during the day or after exercise and rises only to a few degrees, as compared to normal temperature. But recurrent fever can be due to virus or bacterial infection or due to periodic fever syndrome. These syndromes are sometimes caused by a genetic defect. When frequent fever occurs due to periodic fever syndrome, the body temperature can increase. There can be other different reasons for its coming which you should know.


-Bacterial infection.

– Vaccination.    

Some special medical conditions of recurring fever

-Family Mediterranean Fever.

Tumor necrosis factor receptor associated periodic fever syndrome.

-Hyper immunoglobulin D.

-New Natal On Set Multi system Inflammatory Disease.

-Muckal Well Syndrome.

-Aphthous stomatitis.

– pharyngitis etc.

Recognize symptoms on time

Weakness can be felt due to frequent fever. In such a situation, timely treatment is necessary by recognizing the following early symptoms.

Temperature rise from -37 °C.

Feeling cold in the body but warm in the skin.

Irritability and no desire to eat.

Feeling of tiredness and coldness in the body.

If the child has a fever, then cry loudly.

Repeatedly pulling ears.

how to treat

Recurrent fever is also treated in the same way as normal fever. Recurrent fever can be treated with the following

Drinking a lot of water can be beneficial in having fever.

If the child has a fever, then it is important to monitor his breathing pattern.

If the child has difficulty in breathing and it has been 5 days since the fever, then it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately.

It is important to pay attention to when and for how long the fever has persisted.

Recurrent fever can be a sign of some disease. Therefore it is necessary to consult an expert.

Children are most affected by frequent fever, because their immunity is not so strong, so children are most vulnerable to it. A little care and vigilance can save you from any major disease. If you also see symptoms of fever again and again in the child or any other member, then it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately without delay.

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