GCERT DIGITAL DESK : Register & Login at GCERT Digital Desk full details

GCERT DIGITAL DESK : Register & Login at GCERT Digital Desk full details

Kaikshadhi Bhigmau’s teacher sub-chaitra in black education or level education for the overall development of student Khona is canceled, which is sometimes the hall of Shik Krakeji, the child or the textbooks, with all the children of the father in the center as the center of the classroom or the book.

  With all the children of the same year at the center, taking into account their personal maneuvers, Fuja is going to give the south based on their ability-speed.  Academics and teachers are in the shop of chewa approach.  In which all the children in the class can be involved in the learning process, their educational secrets can be measured individually.  

With the help of tax deductibles, the student receives the scholarship from Anur Anandada and evaluates the education received by the students as well as the teacher. The educational process of this approach is taught without me, the understanding of the main points of the Pragya approach is as follows.  , Gyan Pragya through activity is “activity is solid at home + zan ami is the village, Atri is the center of activity in the village, child and nature likes to do. The child learns through activity.  The level of education in group based education is proved to be false. 

The teacher teaches all the children without a traditional class teacher for one. The teacher gives each group its own.  Shik a- guides according to Ruriyat.  } In this Akshigam the students are divided into six groups, their names are as follows.  (12 Kick Cube Group Khadok Shik Amarthan Jay {3} Fellow Support Group ¢ f Pair 3 Learning () Shik Fellow Support Group (P! +4 Selection Juch {} Evaluation Group  Classroom Special Procedure For the management of “Prata” classroom, the rug teacher will adopt 1 different type of arrangement from the normal classroom. Classroom management is an important part of this azimus.

 Under the seating arrangement, group proportions of students are taught to chant their cards.  The physical condition of the students will be observed in such a way that it can observe and regulate all the students in each group. Pragya Adhyayan – Teaching Materials  Gaukvi in ​​Connaught, in which Shi Vifarthi Na card is taken which will make such a moment in the group.  Achieves the ability to peg, peer learning is the order of the day in extreme depression, interacting with other students in the group is fun.

  Students collaborate, receive education.  Students cultivate intimacy with each student.  His item 8 # sells the spirit of poetry.  The child may learn on his own, so as his privacy grows, the opportunity to work with all the children in the world develops a sense of group spirit.  In this Amizm children of different levels get equal opportunity to learn, assessment 71/94 The first place in Gum will be the traditional placement and examination method or not!  At the end of the loan, the student’s progress in the new milestone is a kind of dilemma, the dilemma class that completes the standard st.tk of Ponni is promoted. 

 In Chhapaz Kindharthi Kroipan Kamke Napas Vaghnau, Nashi, Wo Agnigam, the student moves forward by getting Chris according to his ability and sati.  As well as self-assessment of one’s work, equipment and ability to improve one’s self can be achieved.  Thus, also the a * meme mode.  The teacher can play the character’s kshatrimani, kalt bat.  In addition, the progress of the Vidhatha: The report has been submitted, 1E.  Mam Pragya Amingam is not forest education or change #panar amigam.  

The objectives of the Pragya approach are to make every child get the opportunity to get education at his own pace.  * In my activities, Khan E Tadi gets a chance to be punished.  Every child gets quality education and develops his / her ability.  * Evaluate whether children can achieve the required BIR & achievement, their own work and measurement capacity.  And self-evaluates the methods and provides the ideas to hide the debt, • prepares the material for the finer moments.  Achieve the ability to subdue it.  Children learn by chance 71

GCERT DIGITAL DESK : Register & Login at GCERT Digital Desk full details

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