wondered how many ‘decisions’ we make every day in our daily lives?  These ‘decisions’ are of different types such as:
 Decisions made as part of daily routine – decision to go to school / office, brushing in the morning – bathing or going to bed at night … all these decisions are a part of our daily life.  So we make these decisions very naturally.  Follow it.
 Some decisions are such that there is no logic behind them which we make at any moment keeping in view the needs of the time.  For example, I feel very hungry on my way back from school / college / office.  Had Dabeli / Vadapau or hot breakfast with friends.  Decide to drink a cold drink if thirsty.
 Some decisions are part of a ‘momentary rage’.  E.g.  Went to buy soap at the provision store, looked for new soap.  Loved its fragrance and bought soap.  Someone liked a new ballpoint pen / Gel pen and bought it.
 And yes, there are some decisions that we make with a lot of thought.  For example, if you want to buy a new washing machine or a bike?  Since we are thinking of buying, we should carefully read / listen to the advertisements of various Washing Machine / Bike …. compare prices / Quality / Services.  Ask the opinion of friends / relatives.  Let’s survey by visiting two or four show-rooms.  We also ask the merchant whom we trust and only then make the decision to buy the item very thoughtfully. 
 That is, let us make decisions with full involvement and on the basis of logic.  Friends, after buying a bike or washing machine today, if needed, it can be taken again in five-seven years, but the decision I make – is the decision you have to make once (once in our entire life): what after standard 10?  We also make many important decisions in our lives.  But this is probably a very important decision.  
That is why this is a very thoughtful decision …. Based on this one decision, maybe the direction of your life and career will be decided.  After matriculating earlier, many student friends also decided not to study further.  But today this seems irrelevant, doesn’t it?
 What to do after standard 10?  The answer to this question has many options, so there is a bit of a dilemma.  There is confusion as to which way to go or which way to go.  “If my childhood friend takes admission in this course, then I should also take admission in this course.  But don’t make the mistake of deciding to imitate blindly.  
Whatever decision you make, think it through.  The same decision will be best if you make the decision yourself by getting information of all the options / comparing different options / also getting the guidance of a knowledgeable – expert person and taking into consideration your own strengths / circumstances / weaknesses.

Gujarat SSC (class 10th) result releases at the login. Thus, to check it students need to follow certain steps as given below.

ગુજરાતી વિષય ની પેપર સટાઇલ ડાઈનલોડ અહીંથી કરો

>>સા.વિજ્ઞાન વિષય ની પેપર સટાઇલ ડાઈનલોડ અહીંથી કરો

>>અંગ્રેજી વિષય ની પેપર સટાઇલ ડાઈનલોડ અહીંથી કરો

Admission to engineering and other diploma courses under full-time and indirect study system after Std. 10 in Gujarat is given by the Central Diploma Admission Committee (CDAC).  

The courses in this diploma are divided into five groups in total.  These diplomas should be about the courses and the qualifications required for admission.  1) You can get the application form in person from the following places by paying the processing fee (as per the advertisement) (Cash only) from the polytechnics / institutes prescribed by CDAC.  Sales of Application Forms as well as Accepting Centers

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