Gujarat corona update date 30 july 2020

According to the data released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, 96 positive cases of corona virus have been reported in Vadodara city and district today. Thus the total number of positive cases has reached 4572. A further 31 patients were discharged from the hospital in Vadodara today. A total of 3456 patients have recovered so far and the official death toll has risen to 87 with 3 more patient deaths declared today. There are currently a total of 1029 active cases in Vadodara, out of which 143 are on oxygen and 50 on ventilator-B pap and 836 patients are in stable condition.

Cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara today
City: Ajwa Road, Old Padra Road, Manjalpur, Sama, Vaghodia Road, Tandalja, Karelibagh, Warsia Road, Atladara, Tarsali, Subhanpura, Chhani, Navayard, Fatehganj, Fatehpura, Akota, Diwalipura, Gotri, Wadi, Makarpura
Rural: Dabhoi, Karjan, Padra, Kalali, Sokhada, Nandesari, Fertilizer Nagar

5 patients die in Vadodara today
Five more patients have died during treatment for corona virus in Vadodara city. Including a young man and a young woman. All patients will be cremated as per government guidelines. Bhavnaben Kishanbhai Seth, a BJP councilor from Vadodara’s Ward No. 11, has tested positive for the corona virus and has been shifted to a hospital for treatment.

Age and area name of the deceased
-Death of a 26-year-old girl from Gotri area
-Death of 38-year-old youth of Ankleshwar
-Death of 79-year-old man on Ajwa Road
-Death of 52-year-old woman of Sevasi
-Death of 65 year old man of Savli taluka

Another 28 cases were reported in Bharuch
The incidence of corona virus has increased in Bharuch. Another 28 cases of corona virus have been reported in Bharuch district today. Thus, the total number of cases of corona virus in Bharuch district has reached over 917.

16 cases were reported in Narmada district today
Another 16 cases of corona virus have been reported in Narmada district today. In which 15 cases have come up in Rajpipla city. 2 cases in Bhatwada of Rajpipla, 4 cases in Kachhiawad, 1 case in Housing Board, 3 cases in Nawa Phalia, 1 case in Lemda Chowk, 1 case in Rajput Phalia, 1 case in Timba Khadki, 1 case in Lal Tower area, 1 case in Chandravila Society and 1 case in Wadia village. Is. Thus, the total number of positive cases of corona in Narmada district has reached over 311.

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