Gujarat Government’s decision: The state government will start purchasing groundnuts at support price from October 21

Gujarat Government’s decision to on: The state government will start buying groundnuts at backing price from October 21

the government will start buying groundnuts at the support price

Gujarat Government’s decision: The state government will start buying groundnuts at assistance price from October 21, the enrollment procedure will start from this date.

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The Gujarat government will purchase groundnuts at an assistance price of Rs 1055 from October 21
The state government has seized one more farmer oriented decision today.  The Gujarat government will purchase groundnuts at a backing price of Rs 1,055 from October 21.  In this respect, Agriculture Minister RC Faldu said that today, one more planter has taken a crucial decision to acquire groundnuts at support price from October 21, 2020.

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The procurement method will last for three months in the state

Providing elements to the media, Minister Faldu told that this important decision was taken in a conference chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel today.  The registration procedure for purchases of groundnuts at support prices will start from October 1 and registration will continue for 20 days.  Afterward, the investment process will be accomplished at assistance prices from October 21.  

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The investment procedure will last for 90 days in the state.  He said the procurement would be done by the NAFED agency as per the guidelines of the central government.  For this Gujarat Food, Civil Supplies Corporation has been elected as the nodal agency.

Benefit due to overcrowding Decision to buy peanuts before the fifth

Faldu subtracted that good rains in the state this year would enable planters to plant more in the sun and summer seasons as well.  Peanuts will be acquired in the state at a cost of Rs.  Will be purchased at 1055.

The investment procedure is usually achieved at the assistance price of one-fifth of the profit.  But this year there is more complete and the Chief Minister of the state has decided to buy early as the farmers who planted early groundnuts have been inaugurated by the farmer governors of the area to speed up the procurement process at support prices.  After buying groundnuts, the state government plans to purchase vibrations at assistance prices in the near destiny.

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Injury to farmers’ crops in an area of ​​13 lakh hectares, researched in three lakh hectares

Minister Faldu further subtracted that the government, as always, has been standing by the farmers for the crops that have been harmed due to heavy rains in the state.  The government has decided to give employment on the basis of SDRF (State Disaster Response Fund) to the farmers whose standing crops have been harmed by more than 33%.  Survey work is underway for this.  Which is to be finalized in fifteen days.  A totaled 13 lakh hectares of crops have been damaged in the state. 

Away of which the questionnaire work has been completed in a region of ​​three lakh hectares and if crucial the survey work will be broadened for the benefit of the farmers.
Peanut cultivation in 20 lakh 65 thousand 316 hectares in the current year
Due to the universal rainfall throughout Gujarat, a total of 95.51 per cent planting has been documented this year.

A full of 84 lakh 48 thousand 297 hectares have been planted in the state.  It moreover has the elevated peanut cultivation.  Peanuts have been seeded in a total of 20 lakh 65 thousand 316 hectares while cotton has been planted in 22 lakh 77 thousand 104 hectares.  While cereals have been planted in a total of 13 lakh 47 thousand 54 hectares, pulses in 4 lakh 36 thousand 378 hectares.  Also, oilseeds have been planted at 120.65 per cent.


Registration Guidelines – eNam

Huge rains in Saurashtra damage groundnut crop

The heavy rains in Saurashtra this year have harmed head of the groundnut and cotton crops.  Peanuts have undergone major damage, according to farmers.  As well as the crop has been burnt in most areas due to continuous rains.  As a result, the cost of pesticides and fertiliser rs is boosting.  At that time, farmers are demanding fair prices for crops comprising groundnut.

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