Early history

Charles Benedict Calvert (1808-1864), founding father of the Maryland Agricultural school in 1856, precursor to UMCP

On March 6, 1856, the forerunner of today’s University of Maryland was hired because the Maryland Agricultural school. 2 years later, Charles Benedict Calvert (1808-1864), a future U.S. Representative (Congressman) from the sixth territory of Maryland, 1861-1863, throughout the yank war and descendent of the primary Lord Baltimores, colonial proprietors of the Province of Maryland in 1634, purchased 420 acres (1.7 km2) of the Riversdale Mansion estate close today’s school Park, Maryland. Later that year, Calvert based the varsity and was the acting president from 1859 to 1860.On Oct five, 1859, the primary thirty four students entered the Maryland Agricultural school.{the school|the varsity|the school} became a assignment college in Feb 1864.

Bankruptcy and revival

Morrill Hall, in-built 1898, is that the oldest tutorial building on field.

During the war, Confederate troopers below brigadier Bradley Tyler Johnson rapt past the school on July twelve, 1864 as a part of Jubal Early’s raid on Washington, D.C.[34] By the top of the war, money issues forced the directors to dump two hundred acres (81 ha) of land, and therefore the continued decline in enrollment sent the Maryland Agricultural school into chapter 11. For consecutive 2 years the field was used as a boys lycee. Following the war, in Feb 1866 the Maryland general assembly assumed [*fr1] possession of the varsity. the school therefore became partially a state establishment. By Oct 1867, the varsity reopened with eleven students. within the next six years, enrollment grew and therefore the school’s debt was paid off. In 1873, Samuel Jones, a former Confederate Major General, became president of the school.

Twenty years later, the federally funded Agricultural Experiment Station was established there. throughout a similar amount, state laws granted the school restrictive powers in many areas—including dominant farm sickness, inspecting feed, establishing a state administrative body and geologic survey, and housing the board of biology. Morrill Hall (the oldest tutorial building still in use on campus) was engineered the subsequent year.

The Great hearth of 1912

The field throughout the 1912 hearth

On November twenty nine, 1912, a hearth destroyed the barracks wherever the scholars were housed, all the school’s records, and most of the educational buildings, exploit solely Morrill Hall untouched. there have been no injuries or fatalities, and every one however 2 students came back to the university and insisted on categories continued. Students were housed by families in neighboring cities till housing can be restored, though a replacement administration building wasn’t engineered till the 


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