Home Learning Daily video 9 January 2021 std 1 to 12

Home Learning Daily video 9 January 2021 std 1 to 12

Package Outline: This module for school leadership development is designed to focus on those involved in the business.  It covers key aspects of knowledge, skills, attitudes required for head teachers to enhance quality in school.  The main summary of the modules in this package comprehensively covers the current developments / changes in the Indian school education sector. 

 The book begins with a presentation of the study objectives and study findings to be achieved by the head teachers and system level workers through the use of this package.  The contents of this package are for two days.  The details of the phases of each module are given in this book along with the timeline.  

When head teachers are embarking on a journey as a school leader, they must have these qualities in order to position themselves as an ideal and problem solver.  Modules: This package contains five modules for head teachers and system workers, each of which is briefly noted here.  

Module-1 School Leadership: Concepts and Uses / Implementation, Educational Supervision and Necessary Knowledge among Head Teachers and System Level Activists for Building a Study Culture in Schools Developed by the National Center for School Leadership, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA)  , Emphasizes the development of skills and attitudes. 

 This module discusses in detail the concept of a leader through work, various roles and responsibilities of a head teacher, student learning improvement and leadership issues for creating a learning environment in the school.  The module also discusses the efforts required by the head teachers and the tertiary workers to create a learning environment. Finally, the module also provides a brief overview on school development planning to transform the conceived school into a reality.  

The Integrated Teacher Training Program for Quality Improvement of School Education is a program initiated by the Ministry of School Education and Literacy (SE & L), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.  Which is a comprehensive program for capacity building, mainly for teachers, head teachers and system workers.  This nationwide venture has been dubbed as NISHTHA (School of Education) and National Initiative for School Heads ‘and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement.  

As the title suggests, the main objective of the program is to develop the capacity of teachers and head teachers to improve school and teaching quality as a unit of education in terms of methodology and subject mastery.  

 For the first time, with the child at the center, ‘Integrity’ has developed a holistic capacity building program for all participants – teachers, head teachers and system workers under one umbrella.

  This will enable each participant to think together, outline and implement them for positive change in schools, as well as gain an understanding of similar ambitions and challenges.  The program lasts for a period of six days

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