How long after the dog bite should the injection be given, by these symptoms identify whether the dog has rabies or not

 How long after the dog bite should the injection be given, by these symptoms identify whether the dog has rabies or not

How do you know a dog has rabies: Rabies is a life-threatening disease that in most cases occurs after the bite of a dog with rabies. Occurs after bites by dogs and other mammals. Rabies infection is caused by a virus called Neurotropic Lysaavirus or Rhabdoviridae. No permanent cure for rabies has been discovered. But, this disease can be prevented. With the help of vaccination, one can be protected from rabies, but if a person has not been vaccinated and gets an infection, then in such a situation it becomes difficult for the victim to survive. World Rabies Day 2022 is celebrated every year on 28 September to spread awareness about the dangerous and deadly disease of rabies.

Can a victim survive after being bitten by a dog with rabies?

Dogs usually bite humans in two situations. The first is when a person teases a dog and when a dog bites it usually does not cause rabies. On the other hand, when the dog bites for no reason (when the person does not tease, scare or kill the dog), then the risk of rabies can increase greatly. In fact, due to rabies, the dog becomes indignant and in such a situation keeps wandering here and there and bites the people who come in front. That is why people need to take a lot of precautions after a dog bite. According to experts, if a person gets rabies after a dog bite, then his life can be lost.

Symptoms of Rabies in Dogs (Signs That Indicate Your Dog Has Rabies)

After a dog bite, if a person is to recognize the danger of rabies or to understand whether the dog who bitten that person has rabies, it is necessary to pay attention to the behavior of the dog. If these symptoms appear in the dog, then that dog may be suffering from rabies. These symptoms are-

Dogs become very irritable in rabies.

They are seen running here and there without any reason.

The dog’s mouth starts drooling too much or water starts flowing.

The dog becomes lethargic and dies within a few days.

According to experts, all these symptoms appear within 10 days in a dog with rabies. That is why if the dog does not show these symptoms within 10 days after being bitten by the dog, then you can understand that the dog has not had rabies. However, in both the cases it is necessary to immediately contact the doctor.

What are the symptoms of rabies in humans?

Usually the first symptoms of rabies in humans are similar to the symptoms of viral flu. In which you may have problems like-

weakness and fatigue

restlessness, fever


Prickling or sensation at the dog bite site.

These symptoms appear for a few days and after that some serious symptoms can also appear in the victim, which are-

Cerebral dysfunction

Anxiety, restlessness


excitement and agitation

muscle pain

symptoms like loss of appetite

When and how many vaccinations should be given after dog bite?

There are 2 types of vaccinations that can be done to avoid rabies disease after dog bite.

1. After a dog bite, the victim has to take 3 injections. Of which the first injection should be taken immediately after the dog bite and on the same day as the dog bite. At the same time, the second injection is taken after 3 days and the third injection is taken after seven days of the dog bite.

2. At the same time, people can get vaccination in advance as a precaution, which can provide protection against diseases after dog bite. These are called pre-exposure vaccinations.

According to experts, such people should definitely get this type of vaccine-

Those who have pet dogs in the house.

Those who are going to buy a dog soon.

People who travel to places where rabies cases are high or where stray dogs are high.

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