How to identify if the shortage is different in the material.

How to identify if the shortage is different in the material.

Presently merchants are peddling adulterated welfares to customers in a progression of hard labor and earning ultimate cash. Milk, tea, sugar, lentils, grains, turmeric, apples, flour, oil and the like are found mixed in every family useful item. That is to say, we do not get pure food even though we have sufficient cash.

Cook the money and cheese in water and when it cools down add a few drops of iodine. And directly discern if your color turns blue, unrest and that starch is different in it.

Why inspection if coconut oil is recent. Protect a minor bottle of coconut oil in the fridge. If the oil freezes, if it is polluted, it will evacuate a layer. Comprehend that some additional oil has prevailed mixed in it.

You will discover honey mixed with jaggery, sugar syrup or sugar water.

Or soak a minor amount of rupee in it and burn it in the fire. If it burns handily, it is deemed to be adulterated.

Brick powder, salt or talcum powder are different in red chilli powder. To examination this, put the chilli powder in a glass replenished with water and discern if there is any y red color in the water. This red color is brick powder.

In coriander powder you will discover husk or wood husk. Dip a little coriander in warm water to test it.

You will discern that the straw will start floating in the water.

If milk contains detergent mix, why test it. 10 ml. Mix milk and the same amount of water. If foam is produced in it, understand that detergent has been mixed in it. In the same way, put drops of milk on the greasy area to check the mixture of water in the milk.

And if water is mixed in it, it will move without leaving any traces. Pure milk will slowly move forward and remain a white spot. Similarly, synthetic milk tastes bad, and if you rub it in the palm of your hand, it will lather like soap and when heated, it will turn yellow.

  • Cumin is mixed in it by dyeing the grass seeds in chok powder. To test this, rub it in your palm and if it turns black, understand that it is adulterated.
  • If the blackbird looks too shiny, understand that it contains oil. It also has papaya seeds mixed in it.
  • Cinnamon is mixed with gooseberry peel.

If you see it rubbed in the palm of your hand, if it is fake, no color will come.

Chok is mixed with sugar. Dissolve sugar in a glass of water if it has a square it will settle to the bottom. When silver aluminum foil is burned, the silver foil will burn and the silver colored paper will turn into shiny hair, but burning aluminum foil will turn it into black ash.

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અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા report 2

Avoid eating bright apples. Because a candle is placed on it.

If it is dug slowly with a sharp object, wax will start coming out of it, then understand that it is adulterated.

Flour is mixed with sand, chalk powder etc. Original flour is tested in such a way that it requires a lot of water while making the flour. If the bread tastes good and tastes sweet, understand that flour is good.

Tea and tea leaves contain synthetic dyes, iron powder and used tea powder. It affects the diet and digestive system.

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