If a hen lays an egg on the border of India and China, whose egg will it be called? Learn the answers to interesting questions

 Interesting IAS Interview Questions:

1) If a hen lays an egg on the border of India and China, whose egg will it be called?

2) What is the cost of printing 500 and 2000 notes?

3) What is something that the wearer cannot buy and cannot buy for himself?

4) What is the part of the human body that changes every two months?

5) What will be the citizenship of a child if he is born while traveling in a plane?

6) Which animal’s milk is pink in color?

7) What is it that makes men grow but not women?

friends, IAS interview questions are always in the discussion. It is said that any question can be asked from the candidates in the UPSC exam. Candidates break a sweat to pass this exam. So we are showing you some such fun UPSC questions and its answers. UPSC is considered to be a very difficult exam due to which students work hard day and night. In UPSC, not only knowledge but also personality is examined. Students preparing for UPSC can get an idea from these questions on how the answer to a seemingly common question is just as unusual.

Now find out the answers to these interesting questions


– Hen


– According to an annual report of the Reserve Bank, the cost of printing Rs 200 notes is Rs 2.90, Rs 500 notes are Rs 2.94 and 2000 notes are Rs 3.54.


– coffin


– The brain


– According to Indian citizenship law, if the child’s parents are Indian, the child will be considered Indian. Even if the child was born within the borders of any country.


– Hippo


– Beard-mustache

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