If you wash your clothes in the washing machine like this, your electricity bill will come down a lot

 If you wash your clothes in the washing machine like this, your electricity bill will come down a lot

There was a time when people used to wash clothes by hand but nowadays almost every household has a washing machine. From children’s uniforms to bed sheets, sheets, you can wash all types of clothes in the washing machine at the touch of a switch.

Because the machine runs on electricity, turning it on also increases the electricity bill. However, if you take care of a few things, you can reduce the washing machine light bill to some extent. Let’s see how.

Plain water : We use hot water every time to wash clothes. Do not use hot water in the machine every day, as it also consumes more electricity. Use hot water only when needed. Use plain water to wash clothes the rest of the day.

Speed ​​: You will get all the information at the button on your washing machine. Higher speed also leads to higher electricity bills, so you should set the machine speed according to the clothes.

Don’t use dryer : We all put clothes in dryer to dry, but don’t use dryer every time to dry clothes. Use it only in emergency. If you have time, you can also dry clothes outside by putting them in the dryer.

Amount of water and clothes : Only a limited number of clothes can be washed in the machine. Loading too many clothes into the machine at once puts a load on the machine, which also consumes more electricity. For this, wash the clothes by dividing them into parts and using the right amount of water.

Don’t spin the clothes too much : We divide the clothes into different parts and put them in the machine. In such a situation there should be no specific time to wash all the clothes. Some clothes are clean, you just need to remove dust and dirt from them. Removing less soiled clothes from the machine can reduce the bill.

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