Topics of discussion: Is  Over the years Step 1: Tribal community living in a particular region  Whether assigned to a group of tribal students within the country.  For example, in the economic activities of women in the southern region, Bhil, Khasis in the North East, Gond in the central region and Maa Yata in Uttar Pradesh were seen?  

Caste Discrimination in Tribal Economic Activity Step 2: Collection of material by students This material such as (a) is found?  Photographs (b) Example (c) Poster (d) Leaflet (U) News Clipping Tribe (4) Other economic activities and folk songs on agriculture.  

Step 3: Making posters in women’s economic activity (a) Determining the location of tribal groups through maps How has participation increased?  Karvi (b) What is the effect of the scenes and text depicted in the poster on the lives of women involved in tribal economic activities and the contribution of women’s development to the tribal economy?  (C) Continuity and change in the economic activities of the tribal community

 Step 4: Discussion- Poster making should be displayed in the classroom after completion and discussion should be conducted under the guidance of the teacher.  4.2.3 Gender Sensitivity through Mathematics Education;  Mathematics education is available to all, but knowledge of mathematics is inaccessible to girls.  A common belief is that mathematics education is not for girls, breaking this ground is very necessary.  

The above illusion can be broken with a good curriculum and effective teaching process.  It is very important to emphasize that everyone should be responsible for the housework and the division of labor should be done properly.  Mathematics education can be helpful in this.  Every action should be respected.  Calculation of time management, labor, strength etc. is required.  

The participation of women in various fields like business, manager, pilot, scientist, mathematician etc. should be strengthened.  Both males and females have equal rights to family property.  



The above points can be explained by mathematical examples.  21 Activity 1: Obtaining State and Country Population from Census 2011.  Tell students to study this information and motivate them for comparative study.  Then review why the state and the country have a low female population.  Discuss the reasons.  The purpose behind this activity is to create awareness about the declining sex ratio.  126

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