Measures can never give a packed sickle “, both thinning drugs can also be harmful, y and for that road until a pian doctor meets a constant 12 lakh avi kasti shik report for his paw and boys.  High temperament can be met, but it encourages young people to choose who is unhealthy Morak. Good eating habits include the following: 

 Eating slowly, chewing properly. • Watching TV while eating and reading lightly.  Eat a balanced diet that includes a sufficient number of different food groups, યોગ્ય Eat the right amount from time to time 

 Eat in one sitting (do not get up while eating) and do not overeat. Drink enough water every day (8 to 10 glasses).  Healthy Healthy Habits .: Now, ask the learner to think about the factors other than eating habits that affect a person’s health.  

What can happen if personal hygiene is not maintained?  Getting multiple answers.  Check out they announced they were going to play a game called ‘Passing the Parcel’.  ક Ask all learners to stand in a circle.  

If the classroom is too large ask 10-12 Sikhs to come ahead of the ray circle, everyone else will guess.  Place 15 notes written on the study of healthy hygiene in the center of the circle.  • A volunteer will clap.  

As the applause continues the rest of the learner will turn the ball to the next person, • When the applause stops, the one with the ball in his hand will pick up 1 lot from the bowl.  Read in mind and try to explain it through acting.  (Pronouncing that word 160) The other students in the group and the class (learner) will estimate the activity being displayed.  

If the performance is not done properly, call another volunteer to perform.  Make sure the learners are right otherwise (or) try to re-open the acting attempt.  Make sure everyone understands the practice of acting.  Explain if needed, ask the learner if he or she practices this practice?  


How often  What are the benefits of this practice?  This will allow them to self-reflect while playing the game.  જતાં Before moving on to the second practice, ask all learners (repeat the stories once.) Continue the game until the 15 lots are completed.

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