Latest Circular OCTOBER Month Unit Test date-22/10/2020

Latest Circular  OCTOBER Month Unit Test   date-22/10/2020

All Subject: Fugitive matter in the planning of periodic test for students of Std. 1 to 8 in the month of October Reference: (1) Correspondence No. GCERT / C&E / 2020 / 15-16 Dt.  08/10/2050 (2) Form No .: GCERT / C&E / 3050 / 1950-190 Dt.  Letter No. 03/10/2050 (3) from the Office of the Director of Primary Education: Prashini, six.  3 (Compilation, 2030/4114- on 07 dt. 21/10/2050, sir, then, according to the above mentioned subject letters 1 and 2 in the month of October from 9/10/2030 to 5/10/2050 as well as periodic test.  
It is planned to take back the test answer books from the students in the school by 09/11/2050.  Implementation will have to be planned between 28th to 4th October, 2020. From here the test will be delivered to the district by e-mail on 7/10/2018 as per routine.  
All media tests will be made available on as well as Gujarati medium test which can also go to the GR Code on the textbook of the subject.
 Index answer books from the students instead of 09/11/2050  Must be returned by 9/11/2050. Secretary GCERT Gandhinagar  Mr. (Primary and Secondary), Department of Education.  New Secretariat, Gandhinagar • Hon.  SPD  , S.  S.A.  Office, Gandhinagar Hon’ble Director, Primary Education, Office of the Director of Primary Education, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar Convener, Command and Control Center, Gandhinagar Na ER Wani!  .

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