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Language enthusiasts across the world are connecting to India through,Language Curry the one stop shop for learning Indian languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati) and connecting with the rich culture.

Learn Hindi, Learn Sanskrit, Learn Gujarati, Learn Punjabi, Learn Kannada, Learn Tamil, Learn Marathi and more.

The app is Free! Once you download and register you can learn one or more languages, so go ahead and test your linguistic capabilities!

Why is Language Curry the best choice for learning Indian Languages?

•Practice till Perfect:✔️ Ample practice sessions, talk back, record, read, remember and test. A balanced combination of exercises placed in a way that keeps the flame of interest alive. A person can easily keep a check on his growth through the interesting tests and proper pronunciations.

•Audio, Images and Pronunciation: Each and every word is backed up with recording of correctly pronounced word, phrase and sentence. This kindles the auditory learners’ interest Beautiful images are placed matched with the topic to interest visual learners and also to provide cultural insights for every learner.

•Grammar is Key: Grammar tips and hints that help you immerse in the depth of beauty of the language to create your thirst to seek more. Sanskrit Grammar made easy by unique conversational approach..

Interactive Quiz For Learn Hindi Easily. 

हिन्दी सीखे । 

व्यंजन क से ज्ञ । 

स्वर सीखे । 

गीनती १  से २०  

गीनती २१  से ३० 

गीनती ३१ से ४० 

गीनती ४१ से ५० 

“यह …  है ।”  वाक्य बनाए ।

 ये … हैं ।  वाक्य बनाए ।

एकवचन – बहुवचन एँ वाले शब्दों।

वचन बदले । 

अकारांत स्त्रीलिंग शब्दों में ‘अ’ के स्थान पर ” ऐं ” लगाने से बहुवचन बनाए । 

बहुवचन बनाइए । सभी तरह के ।  भाग : १ 

बहुवचन बनाए । भाग : २

स्त्रीलिंग शब्दों के अंत में आए ”आ के साथ एँ ” जोड़कर बहुवचन बनाए 

लिंग परिवर्तन कीजिए।

•Short Lessons: We made our lessons so you can finish one lesson in 5-8 minutes. The crisp lessons make learning effective in short time

•Culture Connect: While you are learning a language for fluency and communication, a huge part of language is to connect to a culture. We ensure this through effective and engaging short 2-minute reads about the Indian culture.

•Linguistic Intelligence:類 We have followed norms of instructional design to create the content. We have created levels to ensure gradual progression of language from words and phrases to sentences and conversations.

•Vocabulary Builder: Learner can build vocabulary , essential phrases and sentences through handy flash cards and learn more than just the translations! Perfect for beginners.

•Learn Through English: You don’t need to know the script or Hindi alphabets to speak.Learn to speak in Hindi through english. We make English to Gujarati and other regional languages easy to grasp

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