Matter of broadcasting of educational work on Doordarshan Kendra-DD Girnar under Home Learning

 Middle Question (Vachch / tho pan me ma swirio kevu che, ni mell lal 1 psdh pad (in the case of nitato do it two, will it be anonymous? Prayag khana thi pani var sakhi mane pheiyo saro thay?  The work  is done to get help from Rona Shop on this occasion! At the same time, using this product, Kinwaz also sang. 1 Conduct Activity 7 & Van –  Helps father Kairi Balak in the village.  , 

 When Radha makes a mistake in Tan Perjna Vaimvake, when the teacher gives her a stupid voice * A little girl is kicked and punched while playing a moto curry, એક A girl from class E1 makes fun of her, because her hair is short 

One  Mana helps her daughter to get ready. • When the boys see you, the mitto (sidal hits), • Sonu’s mother stops because the rock quadruple is torn, • The child does not like the silkul the way she falls.  Touches • Kali’s friends make fun of her because she passes comments on the girls all 

A pukh person shows mother # to the malicious photographers * Fall down to Rs.  Does સ touches a year improperly. Rib and me  Play with Kho-Kho, Activities for to reflect the observations of the society.  Is 3.  Do you see any acts of violence?  What kind of violence does he see?  Ask them to digest their friend / Meghwa parents, what should I do to prevent such incidents and proposals?  What?  

 Read Lala Tekwade Dhana newspaper and cut out the articles in it in any form.  Your friend and / or parents have done everything they can to prevent this 


પરિપત્ર તથા ટાઈમટેબલ  જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

Have you done anything to prevent your parents or any act of violence?  Alone or with someone’s help?  Write about such experiences or draw pictures. Please let me know what happened to your class teacher or friends.  Encourage crops to prepare a list of people who can go to help in unsafe situations 124

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