Matter of giving scanning table under first session diagnostic test – 2020-21.

 Subject: Matter of giving scanning table under first session diagnostic test – 2020-21. 

 Reference: (1) On single file-2 of GCERT on 09/4/2011 Hon’ble Secretary, Pvt.  And Hon. Education, letter of approval given by the Department of Education (2) GCERT, Gandhinagar: GCERT / syllabus / 2060-21 / 500, dated 08/6/2011 (2) dated 08/4/2001.  Approval obtained from SPD Shri 2) Atre’s letter number: SSAHSAB / GR.Fa.  / 2020-21 / F.N.  – 303 (1) / 106-9, dt.12 / 4/3091 2) Atre’s letter number: SS / QEM / 2060-21 / 4-5, dt.02 / 4/2041 to state under the above subject that,  

The Hon’ble Secretary has given instructions from Reference-1 to give the scanning table as per the prescribed captivity and specification for the data entry of the marks obtained by the students as per the test 2020-21. 

 Pursuant to which, as per the instructions received from Reference-3, as per the instructions given to the office here for reference, a total of 4,9,8,50 scanning tables for a total of 2,31,8 children enrolled in Std.  For the sheets, a grant of Rs.  In view of the above, GCERT,

 Gandhinagar has made available to the schools the printed scanning table sheets as per the number given in the accompanying form of Std. 6-7 of your district (Form obtained from CCC) and standardized subject wise reference-P.  Necessary instructions have been given in the video conference of all the District Primary Education Officers of the state held on 06/4/2001 at 5:00 pm.

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