Matter of joining video conferencing for a detailed understanding of teacher readiness survey planning

 Sha lani ganin shastrana mudibhut rishayavastuna dekho badha murt prachali, pilonunu aur  kahi varam rak nak ganitaram nikhi ke ke ‘teva ma ha sa the dodi |  Play n e, no.  Provides a method for generalization.  Experiences are fully manipulated through the use of tangible objects, toys and educational tools. 

The key is to start new theories / concepts.  At this stage, they want to air their experiences in the classroom, so that they can combine education with their daily life.  A l |  A strong connection should be taken with the activities.

  The exercise to be given to the child is to add the items of Baf T. ko their n) 5 in two groups for the sum of which combine the two groups at night.  Kuthi grabbed.  Initially the same quantity is given back to a population, whether it is a population or an apple or a prey, so that they can calculate it and then combine and recalculate it to say the total number.  

Combining such groups to provide a solution to the problem after gaining confidence in the calculation of the sum.  You know that 235 + 367 = 602, then 234 * 369 =?  How do you find the answer?  Change any one in 5384.  Did the value of the number increase or decrease?  Then the same.  Learning by combining groups of different things with features such as combining two different groups of boys and girls, children become a new generation of students.  

Initially the compound will recalculate the objects of the conflict, but then the child will be able to learn from this instead of recalculating in his own way, Language: Provide opportunities for all children to describe their experiences, observations and hypotheses.

  During such a discussion the child also develops the skills of the child.  Such as, creating questions, knowing the new word fund and the definition related to the topic.  For example, when a group of five stars joins another group of three Ta Rao, the total number of stars in the group finally obtained is eight. 





 Illustrative presentation: Involve children in the activity of finding pictures and information related to the picture. Such pictures may represent a problem and its solution.  ત.  * This experience will help children to easily learn in higher standards through mathematical thinking / pictorial solution / chitrarauli.  206

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