Matter of uploading information of online winning students and headmaster online for organizing online book fair under book reader competition 201920 ·

Matter of uploading information of online winning students and headmaster online for organizing online book fair under book reader competition 201920



Hara wahi jo lada nahi.

You have failed in Std-12, you are very dumb in teaching, you don’t know English, you are poor, you are living amidst many deprivations …

However, you can become the Joint Commissioner of Police of Mumbai …
You know that … !! ???

Yes, today I want to tell you a wonderful, thrilling, mysterious and real story.

The Chambal area of ​​Madhya Pradesh is notorious for its bandits and gunfire. That Bundelkhand, that Jamna’s shore and that Chambal … there are guns everywhere. You can get Katta at the price of water. Be it a policeman or a bandit … the one who fires his first gun is supreme. But the people there look down on the one who hurts him in the back. What the Sami chest has to do is the intoxication of the people of this region.

A young man from the same region made such a revolution with the vigor and passion of showing something new and solid that the media of the whole country became confused about him.

The thing is that Anurag Pathak, who is the Deputy Commissioner of the Sales Tax Department, has written a book on the life of his friend, whose name is …

‘Twelfth Fail’

A line is written below the title.

‘Hara wahi jo lada nahi’

The best-selling Hindi language novel has caused a stir all around. Because this novel is a struggle story of a person who has gone from failure to success.

A small village called Bilgaon in Joura taluka of Murree district of Madhya Pradesh. Born into an ordinary family in this village, Manoj has been educated since childhood. Manoj, who barely passed in the third class by stealing in Std-9, 10, 11, said that if he passes the bar, he can earn a living by learning something like typing.

Like every time, this time too Manoj made enough preparation (to copy). But this time, the newly arrived SDM decided that the contamination of theft must be removed. They arrived just before the paper began. Stopped until the paper was finished and did not allow theft at all. And the children of the whole school failed in standard-12. Including Manoj.

Seeing the rhetoric and status of SDM, it occurred to Manoj that the people, including the principal, must be a very big man. And that’s when Manoj decided to become an SDM like A Sahib. But he failed in standard 12 only. What to do now..!?

Even the people of the house did not support Manoj in teaching. The economic situation is even worse. Manoj also worked in a flour mill.

One is poor in education, the financial condition of the family is also bad, I don’t even know English … and Adhurampuro failed in all subjects except Std-12 in Hindi. So I started playing tempo with my brother.

One day the police caught his tempo. Manoj, who reached SDM to recommend releasing the tempo, stopped talking about the tempo and asked Saheb …

‘Sir, how do you prepare to become an SDM …?’ Excited to know the details from Saheb, Manoj decided to pass the MPSC exam and become an SDM. Dy.S.P. Also dreamed of becoming.

Manoj went to Gwalior to make his dreams come true and to study further. There were no places to stay or eat. I had to sleep with beggars outside a temple for three or four days. Sometimes I didn’t even get to eat.

During this time, Manoj got a job as a pawnbroker in a library. Various literary programs were organized there by the Central Indian Sahitya Sabha. Poet conventions were also held. Manoj used to make bedding in it and arrange tea and water for the guests. After everyone was gone, Manoj would close the library and practice speaking for hours in front of the mic and gaining stage power. Because it never happened until he graduated that he gave a speech on a stage.

Manoj also wrote diaries while working in the library. It seemed to me that someone would come into my life. Will read my diary. Will know my problems. Will explain to me … will give me warmth …

People used to make fun of him when he went home during the holidays. ‘What will I do after studying in the city. ? Back here, the village has to do such work. ‘

Gwalior’s library plays an important role in shaping Manoj’s life. Readers were introduced to the greats like Mexican Gorky and Abraham Lincoln and their works and ideas.

An incident occurred during a job at the library. Removed the librarian from selling old printed cardboard. Whose responsibility was handed over to Manoj. Manoj sold the cardboard and handed over Rs 5,000 to the librarian. I told the librarian that there was more dust ..! Seven thousand should come. Why so much money ..? You ate exactly two thousand rupees.

‘There is no point in working where honesty is not valued.’ Saying this, Manoj immediately quit his job. He came to Delhi from Gwalior to prepare for UPSC.

Youth come to Delhi from all over the country. Many young men and women who grew up amidst scarcity dream of becoming IAS / IPS and move from big villages to big cities like Delhi. In Mukherjee Nagar, Nehrunagar, Badra Cinema and many surrounding areas, thousands of such youths live in 10 × 10 openings and work hard. He discusses the country’s GDP, India-Pakistan relations, history, geography and constitution, regardless of whether he gets a meal or not.

Manoj also lives in a small room in Nehru Nagar, Delhi with the spirit of doing something. Manoj started looking for a job to cover his living expenses. He got a job running a dog for rich people living in Mukherjee Nagar next door. 300-400 for a dog. Manoj kept the job of turning 4-5 house dogs and also started preparing for UPSC.

Meanwhile, Vikas Devkirti of Drishti Academy met Sir. Who helped Manoj a lot by coaching him for free.

In the intervening period, Manoj graduated with a net JRF and a Ph.D. Also finished. Inspired by famous journalists of the country, Manoj did his doctorate in journalism.

But the goal was UPSC. After preparing hard, he passed the prelims and mains on the first attempt. But could not get out in the oral interview.

During this time a girl named Shraddha came into Manoj’s life. Manoj loved him very much. But was afraid to say. He was afraid that even a girl like me would fail ‘Twelve Standard’ somewhere …!?

If Manoj went to the party of a student who was successful in UPSC, he was humiliated there too.

The ‘Standard-12 Napas’ label did not leave him behind. Manoj decided that something solid had to be done to remove the label of failing Std-12.

Manoj gave UPSC another try. But the meditation was in faith so did not even reach the pre. Mandatory English paper. Manoj was already weak in English. Wrote an entire essay on terrorism. When Shraddha saw the paper, she knew that the essay was not on terrorism but on tourism. Bhai Saheb has written on terrorism. The result was certain. Your next paper will be checked only if you pass the English compulsory paper. So the second try and then the third try also failed.

Shraddha was also preparing for UPSC then. Her parents were teachers. Shraddha herself was also a doctor. She knew that Manoj had tremendous potential. There is also infinite energy and the power to do something. Yet Manoj cannot achieve the result. The two sat once. Shraddha explained to him that you can do it. The stars have potential. Need to bring it out.

Then Manoj said, once you say yes that you also love me … then I will do it. You support me … I will change the world. Shraddha saw that Manoj’s eyes were shining with full confidence. And Shraddha lovingly accepted Manoj’s love proposal. Manoj also decided that now I have to show the world that I also have the ability. I can too.

With a lot of hard work, Manoj clears UPSC with the rank of 121st in India for the fourth time in 2005 on the strength of his faith and hard work. And Manoj becomes Manoj Sharma, a famous IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre.

You will be surprised to know that due to his poor command of English, he got the facility to keep Manoj with the translator for the oral interview of UPSC. A member of the selection committee asked Manoj,

“If you don’t know English, how will the administration run …?”

Manoj Sharma was a little disappointed. The members asked him to drink water. Manoj Sharma refused to drink water. When the members asked the reason, Manoj Sharma said that if you give water in a steel glass instead of this glass, I will drink. The member lost his temper. Said that whether the water is in a glass or in a steel glass .. water is water. Manoj Sharma also said that Sir, I also want to say the same. Whatever the medium of language. I have the ability to work …! The members were happy with his answer.

One of the members asked another question.

“The best students of IIM and IIT are available to us here. Then why do we choose you …?”

Manoj Sharma replied that “If 12 failed students reach here, they will have some skills ..!”

The last question asked in the interview was this is your final attempt. What if you are not selected ..?

Manoj Sharma replied, “Then I will do whatever I want.”

This positivity of Manoj Sharma touched the members and he was selected.

Then the training started in Mussoorie. Once at twelve o’clock in the night, Manoj went to the house of Vikasar, who was giving him free coaching, and knocked on the door. Surrey opened the door. Manoj Sharma touched his feet and put a 500 rupee note at his feet and said that today is my first salary …

Then Shraddha also cleared UPSC. He became IRS and is currently working as a Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department.

Manoj and Shraddha got married in 2005. Today the couple also has a son named Manas.

Manoj Sharma completed his training and served as SP in Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Kolhapur, Nagpur etc. cities of Maharashtra. He is serving as DCP of South Mumbai and later as Joint Commissioner of Police and currently as DIG.

Anurag Pathak (who is also currently the Deputy Commissioner of GST) has written a novel on Manoj Sharma’s life struggle. Whose name is ‘Twelfth Fail’ Hara Wahi Jo Lada Nahi.

This novel is currently very much discussed in Hindi literature. It was released in 2019 by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Commenting on the book, world-renowned cricketer Sachin Tendulkar said, “The most inspiring and readable novel, Mera Vishwas Hai Ki Yeh, will inspire many young people to fulfill their dreams.”

Apart from this famous film director Rajkumar Hirani, world famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, famous filmmaker-director Anurag Kashyap, film actors Manoj Vajpayee and Ashutosh Rana, famous journalists Rajat Sharma and Diwang, famous advocate Ujjwal Nakam etc. About giving their own positive feedback.

This book tells the story of many youngsters preparing for UPSC in a 10 × 10 opening. The book is currently the best-selling book in the market.

Speaking inspiringly for the youth preparing for UPSC in various tv interviews, Manoj Sharma said,

-Make yourself honest, don’t be afraid.

-Success requires risk taking. Those who do not take risks never win.

-Make good friends, be in a good atmosphere, prepare in a good atmosphere. Work hard, learn to fight … your victory is certain.

If you want to write a 25-minute question, waste two minutes writing its highlight. Force the viewer to read the answer.

-By adventure, guidance and honesty you can achieve certain success.

-Understand and explain in simple language.

-We begin the journey of doing something in life. The journey ends when the target is met. This is the journey from failure to success.

-There should be no doubt in life. Struggle and win.

When you prepare with determination, you get immense energy and tremendous strength. Jung has the confidence to win. Make a determination and show that you have won the battle.

-Stick to whatever decision you make. Be confirmed. Then it doesn’t matter how much you fly. But dresses make your wings definitely stronger. This is the battle to strengthen the wings from the battle of UPSC.

If we give a Rs 500 note and send a rich and a poor child to buy vegetables, then the poor child will bring more vegetables. Because he knows the conflict.

-Be loyal and honest with caste. It takes courage to overcome weakness. Be loyal to the quality and the country.

-A result of a pass or a failure either makes the person perfect or makes him useless. Life does not end if we do not succeed in any exam. The knowledge you have acquired comes in handy in every subject.

-I didn’t even know math or English. But you know the man.

-A person has the same age to study as he has to love. This is the problem. But you make that love your weakness that strength is up to you.

-Love is much greater than the way we see it. If a positive person joins you, the other person also gets positive energy.

-After the wife becomes a friend, the accusation does not remain. So first be friends then love and then get married.

This journey of Manoj Sharma is a journey from zero to the peak. There are many activists like Manoj Sharma who infuse new energy in the life of every person who fails or fails, who are constantly providing inspiration and encouragement to the society.

Matter of uploading information of online winning students and headmaster online for organizing online book fair under book reader competition 201920

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