Online Education Daily Video 22 January std 1 to 12

Online Education Daily Video 22 January  std 1 to 12

Main message.  ‘Before / even).  Caste is a socially and culturally constructed concept, which is different from the gender of the individual.  More boxes in the participants’ room based on the information discussed  About the objectives, processes, norms, grants, etc. regarding each scheme / initiative.  Collaborate to provide details and details of each initiative / plan given in the module. 

 Understanding is important.  Racial sensitivities are related to all three genders: feminine, masculine, neuter and the call is also against gender discrimination.  Module – 5 Initiatives in School Education Section – 3 Activity Time (minutes) Capacity building for initiatives by the school in the head teachers and 60 level workers by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).  Activity-1: Capacity building for initiative by the school among the head teachers and system level workers by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), method: Group discussion in the group – Individual note – Work planning for implementation.  Suggested Steps: The support group initiates the discussion by asking participants to share the initiatives taken by MHRD in school education for quality improvement.  Supportive overall education based on responses, Performance Grading Index (PGIPGI), UDISEUDISE.  

Discusses initiatives taken by the Department of School Education and Literacy such as Sagunotsav, National Achievement Survey (NASNAS) etc.  Supporting participants will then be asked to make a personal note about the various aspects of the plans discussed in detail.  The assistant will distribute A4 size paper and 1 UDI paragraph to the participants as shown below.  Shish a mad.  Ra.  This can add rows.  34


Provide details.  Participants make notes in the table so that they can take it to their school / unit (cluster / block / district and keep it in their office for implementation). 

 Education KGBV -Kasturba Vidyalayas Self Security Training Rangotsav Operation Digital Board School Evaluation Gandhi Youth Club Eco Club Transportation and Escort Facilities Free Uniforms and Textbooks Block and Cluster Empowerment SMC ‘Samagra Shiksha’ Logo UDIS  PGIPGI) | Sagunotsav National Award for Teachers Swachh Vidyalaya Award Lunch: Innovative Approach Excellent Performance in States, Union Territories.  After the participant has written a short action plan, the assistant will ask a few participants to discuss it in the group.

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