Primary School Teachers Mahekam Usefull Patrak And Circular

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It is very important to believe that the rules of persuasion can be understood in the floor at home. To understand the abstraction is to simplify it, it is necessary to do it.  One hundred governments cut each other in the mummified zodiac … 

The values ​​described in the school assessment should be taught in a coherent manner with the methods that should be understood in a comprehensible manner and not taught on a daily basis.  Or standard  Can be done at the beginning of, the study decision will use the name of the number 3 to 7 for the group of items. 

 Purpose of the activity: The child will say the numbers pertaining to the given group and will name the numbers from 1 to 10 in order.  Materials required: Appropriate audio-visual equipment for the poem / story can be provided. 

 Method:.  The children are already familiar with the number knowledge before entering the class.  In everyday life, children often hear their parents say the names of numbers.  Such as, “I want one more biscuit. 


મહેકમ ગણતરી પેજ ડાઉનલોડ કરો.



Give me five rupees. We’ll go to Grandma’s house in two days.”  That is, a suitable poem in the research of Std. 1. Songs, games or stories in which the names of the numbers appear (horizontally and in any order) can be done in the class, such a poem is given below.

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