RTE Act 2009 Online Test – 20 Most Asked Question of RTE

Put Nadim floating in the water and tell Nadal to take the road to Mal’s daughter and experiment?  His practice is to work or kill  The floating drink kabaddi state from doing pasanstatim asked me to exchange with the class on the matter of Nijan Pir to the younger king.  

The children were drawn to draw a picture of what he had observed.  The difference between the submerged part of water and the submerged part of the water is observed by the children. 

 To inspect the 5th ray or why 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar accordingly?  Can add to water.  Ask the same activity of the crop to do with salt and note what happens to Joe;  Give each child the opportunity to observe, note and mark activity curves.  

Accept the answer the child gives in his or her own language as I am either “dead” or “thick”.  Children at this age do not expect that they will be rich, Mr.  And learn about podiatry or know their definitions.  Because science is not about memorizing principles on facts but it is a process.  

In which the child makes a hypothesis, deduces it from Yakre and from it.  Let’s think so.  What principles are included in Activity 3 to 4?  What work-skills can be developed through these activities?  How can a teacher evaluate a child?

  How can you emphasize making assessment a part of teaching work through the above activity?  (Here: Education through assessment emphasizes the child’s self-reflection, self-learning, classmate values ​​as well as classmate values.) ઇ What learning outcomes can you achieve here?  Make a list. 


What other concepts can be incorporated at the primary level?  Plan a little more activity based on it. 

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