Sarkari Yojana Vahali Dikari Yojana – Gujarat Vhali dikari Yojana Full Details

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail ||video || Budget 2019-20 gujarat

Money Minister Nitin Patel in his spending speech today documented another plan ‘Vhali Dikri Yojana’.

‘An inexperienced lady kid among preliminary two child of family will buy benefit of this proposal. Recipient new lady child on her foyer to first norm in college will get Rs. 4,000, in ninth criterion she will buy Rs. 6,000 and when she completes 18-year duration she will give Rs. 1 lakh,’ Nitin Patel told.

He told the proposal will enhance intercourse percentage, it will stimulate young lady kid workout and profit a main sum for developed tuition and wedding.

The proposal as implied by Patel will exist benefited to households with upto Rs. 2 lakh pay for each year.

The State administration has earned homework of Rs. 133 crore for this plan in budgetary year 2019-20 economic plan.

With an end objective to improve the origin pace of new women and to debate female feticide, the Gujarat government has stimulated ‘Vali Dairy Scheme’ in the spending plan. Below the plan, when the inexperienced lady traverses the age of 18, the Finance Minister, Nitin Patel, documented in the Assembly that the congress will provide him Rs one lakh.

Young ladies’ workout is as of directly available in the state. I am announcing the method of the Whale Child Scheme to strengthen the financial, societal stance of inexperienced ladies, to lessen the dropout rate in workout and to forestall kid wedding. The Deputy Chief Minister told that in this plan, the benefits of this plan will exist available to the inexperienced ladies of the preliminary two generation of the household. At the hour of testimony in the major examination of the foreign lady Rs.4000, another Rs.6000 at the hour of ninth criterion and when she crosses the age of 18, she will exist lent Rupees one lakh. Finding a lot of cash for the advanced schooling and marriage assistance of the young lady kid. The advantage of this plan will be available to the family with yearly income of Rs 2 lakh. An agreement of Rs.133 crore has been earned for this.

Ahead the once remembered agreement, the Deputy Chief Minister told that the congress is chatting with financial institutions like Banks and LIC on this plan. The congress will lend high financing expenses. The excitement of the plan will jog.

25 lakh girls will get Rs.700 crore! 

At current 1.5 lakh Sakhi Mandals are emotional in Gujarat. In which 20 million sisters are appended. These Sakhi Mandals have so distant got Rs 1,900 crore bank credit. In which five to eight percent conspiracy endorsed wment and additional money pertained help are existing provided by the congress.

The government will give assistance to the little girls of powerless households with a pay of up to Rs 2 lakh underer this plan. In wh ich two girls will be provided help for education by the government. Below this proposal, little girls developed on additional August and after will be providedded Rs. 4,000 at the hour of commitment in the major norm and Rs. 6,000 at the hour of commitment in the modern norm.

At the degree when the girl turns 18, the little girl will be given Rs 1 lakh for developed education or marriage help. Configuration for transportation of this plan has besides started in Anganwadi, CPDO office, Gram Panchayat and Women and Child Officer’s office. In which certain circumstances are set down. The pair will get a threshold of two small girls. The main little girl and the successive little girl will benefit. He won’t benefit in the circumstance that he has a third tiny girl. In the circumstance that there is a first child and a successive girl, the successive little girl will discover assistance.





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In the economic proposal, new 70,000 Sakhi Mandals will be lumbered in three years. The spending plan for making autonomous work openings has been earned by providing progress of up to Rs. 700 crores to 25 lakh sisters. ( Thanks For Visit..we Hope That U Like ane Comfortable our post. We Provide Latest Education Circular, Result, Latest Home Learning Video, Ghare Sikhiye Mulyankan, Ekam Kasoti Mulyankan, Sarkari mahiti, Sarkari Yojnao, and much more news about it..Thanks For Visit Our Official site Run By Sahil Kothari… Please Subscribe Via Email to Get the Latest Updates….

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