The line of se da se nada f is not yet – Gambhir has come for you in the area of ​​​​originally in my house, for you you have to increase the inner and danaant or stop – its fixed rules like verses, my a vowel is from the upward sense only.  

That the reader should have an understanding of ‘poetry’, only then you can leave effective signals to yourself.  A more rhythmic track can create a serious distaste for modern poetry in the minds of the students. 

 Curiosity towards nigga and poetry can also create curiosity and interest, while the other can also make sana French 306 interesting.  Therefore, there is a need to be extra careful in the field of poetry-recitation.  An effective poetic recitation makes most of the poem its reader. 

 If you want examples of poems, couplets and verses sung by all the medieval poets on these subjects, then you are the best example by presenting them in front of your students.  Kabir, Tulsi, Sur etc. can be used.  The meaning of “Thumak Chalat Ramchandra Bhajat Maijniyan” is to be used by your students and someone who recites the appropriate verses, Lata Mangeshkar or any other classical singer, put forward the quote, you will know the difference yourself. 

 pedagogical signs |  Poetry with emotion – One of the best methods of teaching is poetry itself.  For this we have to prepare a small collection of poems and poets of similar sentiments.  

For example, there is a sense of narration in Tulsi’s description as well, in Surdas as well as in the poems of some modern poets.  Similarly, many poems similar to the feelings of clouds, rain and nature are also available.  

While teaching a particular poem, we should not be limited to that poem, but some other poems similar to that should also be read – and the characteristics of those poems should be discussed in the class.  Especially in the initial few classes of poetry-teaching, doing so can prove to be particularly fruitful.  In the beginning, reading two or three poems of the text along with many other poems may seem unnecessary and time-consuming to you at first glance. 

 But once the understanding of the students will be expanded, then poetry-teaching will become a matter of pleasure for you and the time spent in teaching poetry in further classes will also be saved.  As a result of the comprehensiveness of the understanding of the students, you can proceed on the path of teaching poetry, leaving the basics in the following poems collected in the textbook. 

 The element of reading and Raman will be strengthened in the lesson and simultaneously the participation and accumulation of students will also increase.



  Ultimately, the purpose of our poetry teaching is also to expand the understanding of the students and not just like completing the syllabus. 

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