Teacher observation for primary teachers, self-study book for students.  From which organization is the complementary map, published by the laboratory?  Usefulness of this literature in education reform What do you think can be done in order to make some of the above reference literature more meaningful and useful?  The basic requirements for effective teaching (such as quality is included) are only physical arrangements, having well-equipped classrooms and seating arrangements, the presence of a competent teacher with adequate water and sanitation facilities and the adequacy of educational facilities – a matter of arrangement and administration.

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  It should not be directly linked to the quality of education but should be seen as a basic requirement for effective teaching.  Inadequacy or weakness in these basic requirements will be considered as administrative failure or lack of will power. These basic requirements should be a matter of structural or physical system. Before talking about the quality of education, the basic requirements should be checked and arrangements should be made permanently.  Marmer Mukhopadhyay, author of the book “Complete Quality Management in Education”, quotes Crosby in his book. According to Crosby, quality is free.  ?  If education is to be effective and full of quality, then why the talk behind trainings, seminars, banners in the name of qualit?

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the whole system arranged in any system and the money raised is really for the purpose, then there is no need to allocate a separate budget for quality, to do programs or think separately.  Thus, an abstract concept such as the service of education is required after the system has been set up to meet the basic needs. Involvement of all the members of the organization with a commitment to continuous improvement.  Quality.

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