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And education aerticle.

One hour Std-1, Std-2, Std-3 Allocation of time First 20 minutes: Teacher, Monitor, Self-study Second 20 minutes Study, Shil K, Monitor Third 20 minutes: Monitor, Self-study Teacher  Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. 

Even when he is teaching a class, his eyesight should be focused on monitoring and self-study classes, for which a language class collaboration program can be organized.  In this regard, cleaning of classrooms and school grounds, sports activities, storytelling, drama, poetry recitation, 5 votes contest can also be conducted, systematic time management leads to success.  

3.  Strategy of teaching and learning: For the development of study activities keeping in view the social point of view, the objectives of education, the socio-economic condition of the students’ society, the mental and educational needs of the students as well as certain topics and issues should be known.  In such a situation, it is necessary to give a real demonstration of how children can be active in self-study.  For example, one of the subjects in the primary school study work as Rara is also the study of environment.

  The field emphasizes the shift from the study of books to the observation of natural and social phenomena.  Environmental study materials can also be used in teaching language, mathematics, work experience, art, etc.  In fact, we have to create a situation where we can give children experiences that are relevant, relevant and fulfilling.  T

he first step in planning the learning process is that the teacher will deal with the children as a true mentor, wise friend and cultured parent in a free classroom environment.  Only after a warm atmosphere has emerged in the class will the father become curious to see – to know, to find – to learn something.  The children may be from poorer sections of the society than the students studying in Pvt.  Such a child is a crow suffering from adequate popping and limited radar pole and adenoma.  Such children need to pay special attention to healthy habits, health awareness and healthy life, sutevo and simple speech, std.  – Children 1 and 2 will have to provide encouraging and motivational encouragement. 

 The first requirement is to develop their language skills.  The other important requirement is to develop observation skills in them.  Experience with the help of the senses of various objects.  Observing and imparting knowledge of their shape and size.  It is necessary to clarify the concept of differences and similarities. 

 We have to develop observation skills in children and develop their observation skills by asking them research questions.  Children should be divided into small groups and encouraged to describe their observation experiences.  In this way they should be taught systematic study by gaining experiences.  Standard – 3 runs have to adopt different method for 4.  We can help children measure things available in or out of the classroom.  We can discuss with them different seasons in terms of dress, diet and accommodation.  Sometimes we can organize gatherings or group activities to provide educational experiences.  

We put children in a situation where they learn to appreciate things that make them aware of civic and social life.  This requires all children to take an effective and useful part in the activity, taking care to develop in them the desired social and moral values ​​through various activities.  There is an element of difference between animate and inanimate.  It should be experienced by the children but there is also unity in diversity, the concept should also be explained.  Care should be taken not to turn to rejection or abolition in case of differentiation.  At this stage children should have acquired reading and writing skills. 

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They should be comfortable writing notes on various observations, observations, comparing and discussing their writing with the writing of their peers, although children themselves are interested in doing something.  It shows his strength and dexterity.  We should provide work experience through sports to develop their musical skills more and more.  Thanks from the mouthpiece of ‘Setu’ District Education and Training Bhavan, Palanpur.

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