Schools in the state will not be open till Diwali, the decision will be taken based on Corona’s condition after Diwali

When will schools open in Gujarat? The government finally replied the issue of victimizing parents

  • In the case of Corona, the government said that the education department would contemplate starting schools based on the circumstance in Corona in the state after Diwali.

Everything is slowly unlocking in Unlock. What has not opened is the school. On which many questions have been raised. Every parent is harmed by the problem of when the schools will finally open. Then the schooling department of Gujarat government has taken an important decision. He told the government would contemplate starting main and secondary schools in Gujarat only after Diwali. In Corona’s circumstance, the government said the education department would consider starting schools founded on Corona’s circumstance in the state after Diwali.

The circumstance will be discerned after Diwali

Schools are likely to open in Gujarat after Diwali. There has existed a long-running discussion over when the school will reopen amid the Corona inflammation. Several issues were put forward. But now this has arrive to an end. Due to the way the cases of Korona are increasing, the education department has taken an important decision that this will not be deemed till Diwali. Even after Diwali, the judgment will be taken protecting in belief the circumstance.

Give Mass Promotion to Students – Board of Governors

Naresh Shah, President of the Board of Guardians, told that in impression of the thriving number of kids in Gujarat, it is not advisable to send children to school. Children in grades 1 to 8 have a fragile immune system. Therefore, even after Diwali, the parents are not in favor of opening the college. One tour is over now, and the next session is going to see how the school goes. Accordingly, quantity promotion should be provided to children of 1st to 8th standard. At the similar time, quantity publicity should be given to 9th and 11th standard. Only standard 10 and 12 exams should be seized.

Schools shut down in the state from March 16

First, at the time of Corona’s admission into Gujarat, i.e. on March 15, the state government had agreed to near all school colleges and academic organizations in Gujarat for two weeks from March 16 to March 29. However the board exams were kept intact. The school vacation was again extensive as Corona became intractable. Thus schools remember been closed for about 6 months.

Deliberation to lessen the curriculum by the Department of Education

Now, if schools start after Diwali, it will be difficult to finalize a two-semester lesson in one session. So the state education department is also planning to reduce the curriculum in that circumstance. The curriculum will exist curtailed founded on how many days of study the students get, the quotations said. Nonetheless, this cannot be agreed at gift. It will be agreed on the basis of the remaining days of study after the opening of schools.




Actually if the children go to school, these aspects have to be seized maintenance of

1. Need to wear a face mask.

2. There must be an extent of 6 feet between two people.
3. Can’t spend it anywhere.
4. Take care of your health.
5. You will be inquired to download the Health Bridge app where necessary.
6. Have to wash your needles after a while.
7. Hands should be washed even if they do not look dirty.
8. Authorization to study online will continue, it will be motivated.
9. Children will go to school of their own free will. But parents must assent in writing.
10. There will be strict regulations on sports activity and parliament.
11. If AC is on, its weather will be between 24 to 30.
12. Maintain humidity level 40 to 70 percent in AC.
13. Only schools outside the containment zone will be allowed to open.
14. Students, teachers and staff going to school must prevent going to the containment zone.
15. The gym can be used only on the basis of approaches, but the swimming pool will be closed.
16. School administration will be accountable for furnishing face mask, head sanitizer to teachers and staff.
17. The laborer involved in clearing should be given a thermal gun, disposable paper towel, soap, 1 per cent sodium hypochlorite solution.
18. The agreement of the pulse oximeter should be mandatory, so that the oxygen level of the anisotometric can be checked.
19. There should be a covered dustbin and proper removal of waste.
20. Sweepers must be appropriately educated before being hired.
21. Learners will not be able to trade books, copy of study material, pencil, pen, water bottle.
22. At the time of practical, the student will go to different sections. Large numbers of students cannot be taken to the laboratory at the same time.

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