There must be a feeling of love, care and enough respect, as a strong person, the teacher needs to show love, care etc. to his students in order to cultivate personal relationships with them and help them to face difficulties in the future.

(Activity of teachers and students to see the essence / goodness in Swarya and others: Write about your and XYZ’s strengths and positive qualities in the list below, today I, this XYZ …

For example: Today I have been ‘helpful’ to someone  Today I feel ‘hostile’ Today I feel ‘eager’ Today XYZ is feeling ‘trustworthy’ Today XYZ is feeling ‘friendly’ Today XYZ is feeling ‘excited’ after playing football.  – Note: Each person can have their own ‘I am’ list, in which they can continue to find new qualities about themselves. 

 Encourage students to look at their ‘am’ list whenever they feel negative feelings like discomfort / harassment / sadness / anxiety etc. and encourage them to look at the XYZ list whenever they feel any negative feelings towards XYZ.  – 

Teachers and v  Activity for Students to Recognize and Appreciate Leadership Qualities: Organize a group discussion on topics such as: Who do you think is the leader in your group or class?  Think about a person you consider a leader and write a few words describing why that person is a leader in your point of view.  

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 Think about the other three people in your immediate environment (e.g. family, neighbors, etc.) whom you consider a leader and write a few words describing the qualities of each person.  Make a list of all the qualities that a group or class sees as the qualities of a leader.  Discuss your observations with your classmates. 

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